Zagu Menu Prices in Philippines Updated 2024

Since 1999, Zagu, renowned for its refreshing and unique drinks, has been an integral part of the lively Filipino menu of food and dining culture. Over the years, Zagu has delighted millions of Filipinos, associating itself with flavor and quality. Zagu’s vibrant kiosks, found in bustling cities or peaceful provincial towns, provide an enjoyable escape from the scorching tropical sun.

It is crucial to understand this information when we look into Zagu’s Philippine menu prices for the year. Price on menus directs guests and guarantees openness when dining. Its lovers and newcomers should keep up-to-date with the pricing of the menu as the preferences of consumers and economic trends change.

Whether you’re a regular customer seeking price adjustments or an aspiring newbie looking to experience a taste of adventure, this guide will specifically be tailored to your requirements. Begin by exploring the intriguing world of Zagu’s menu choices every sip tells an intriguing story of taste and quality.

Zagu Menu Prices

Zagu Menu Prices in Philippines

The restaurant keeps a reasonable pricing structure that caters to a range of budgets while providing high-quality drinks. This year Zagu is updating its prices to reflect current market trends and to ensure satisfaction. No matter if you’re in the mood for a fruity dessert or a creamy splurge, it has something for all at an affordable price.

Zagu Coffee & Tea Menu

For tea and coffee lovers, Zagu offers a delightful assortment of teas and blends that will delight your senses. From aromatic coffees to calming teas, every sip promises to be a blast of flavor.

Hazelnut Cappuccino Grande₱ 134.00
Caffe Latte Grande₱ 134.00
Caffe Latte Regular₱ 96.00
Pearl Milk Tea Grande₱ 134.00
Pearl Milk Tea Regular₱ 96.00
Hazelnut Cappuccino Regular₱ 96.00

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Fruit Selection Prices

If you are a fan of fruity concoctions Zagu’s drink-based fruit drinks will surely delight. Made from fresh ingredients and packed with natural flavor, the drinks are a popular choice for people who are conscious of their health.

Philippine Mango Grande₱ 202.00
Four Seasons Grande₱ 192.00
Watermelon Grande₱ 134.00
Melon Grande₱ 134.00
Strawberry Grande₱ 134.00
Philippine Mango Regular₱ 141.00
Four Seasons Regular₱ 135.00
Watermelon Regular₱ 96.00
Melon Regular₱ 96.00
Strawberry Regular₱ 96.00

Zagu Chocolate Indulgence Menu

Treat yourself to a sweet treat with Zagu’s delicious chocolate drinks, ideal to satisfy your cravings, or treat yourself to a delicious indulgence. No matter if you prefer traditional chocolate or a variety of flavors, Zagu has something to delight every chocolate lover’s taste.

Chocolate Regular Grande₱ 134.00
Black Forest Grande₱ 134.00
Cookies and Cream Grande₱ 134.00
Chocolate Regular Regular₱ 96.00
Black Forest Regular₱ 96.00
Cookies and Cream Regular₱ 96.00

Filipino Favorites Prices

Zagu pays tribute to Filipino flavors with its variety of traditional Filipino dishes, made using traditional flavors and cultural influences. From halo-halo-inspired recipes to blends of tropical fruits, these drinks are a perfect representation of the flavor of Filipino food.

Fruit Salad Grande₱ 148.00
Halo-halo Grande₱ 144.00
Zagu’t Gulaman Grande₱ 120.00
Buko Pandan Grande₱ 134.00
Ube Grande₱ 134.00
Quezo Royale Grande₱ 134.00
Taro Grande₱ 134.00
Fruit Salad Regular₱ 112.00
Halo-halo Regular₱ 111.00
Zagu’t Gulaman Regular₱ 102.00
Buko Pandan Regular₱ 96.00
Ube Regular₱ 96.00
Quezo Royale Regular₱ 96.00
Taro Regular₱ 96.00

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Best Selling Items of Zagu Philippines

Within Zagu’s diverse menu, some items are a hit with the crowd which are consistently receiving the attention of critics and acclaim. It doesn’t matter if it’s a traditional favorite or an innovative one the hot-selling products are proof of Zagu’s dedication to taste and quality.

  • Philippine Mango Regular: ₱ 141.00
  • Pearl Milk Tea Grande: ₱ 134.00
  • Chocolate Regular Grande: ₱ 134.00

Contact Information and Location

With numerous locations across the Philippines Locating the nearest Zagu retailer near your location is easy and simple. If you’re in a busy city or a charming provincial town, there’s sure to be at least one Zagu outlet nearby.

Restaurant NameZAGU Philippines
Location52 W Capitol Dr, Pasig, Metro Manila
Delivery Hotline+63286874432
Opening and Closing HoursMonday to Saturday: 8:30 AM–5 PM
Sunday: Closed
Number of Categories4

Opening and Closing Time

Zagu understands the significance of convenience, hence many outlets stay open late to cater to busy schedules. Ensure to verify the opening and closing hours of the nearest Zagu location and plan your visit accordingly.

  • Monday (8:30 AM–5 PM)
  • Friday (8:30 AM–5 PM)
  • Tuesday (8:30 AM–5 PM)
  • Saturday (8:30 AM–5 PM)
  • Wednesday (8:30 AM–5 PM)
  • Sunday (Closed)
  • Thursday (8:30 AM–5 PM)

Overall Conclusion

In summary, Zagu has outlets across the archipelago, delighting Filipinos everywhere. Whether it’s a refreshing sip on a summer’s day or indulging in creamy chocolate, Zagu’s menu caters to all tastes. Their prices ensure everyone can enjoy their delicious delights. Each drink brings happiness and a sense of inclusion to all who partake.

If you’re planning your next Zagu adventure, armed with the latest menu prices for 2024, remember that it’s more than just about consuming. It’s about savoring the moment, relishing the flavors, and forging lasting memories with loved ones. Whether you’re a longtime enthusiast or new to the Zagu world, let it accompany you in moments of flavor, enjoyment, and delight. Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with amazing discoveries and unforgettable experiences with Zagu!

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Are the prices listed inclusive of taxes?

All prices shown include taxes applicable to the purchase.

Does Zagu offer any special discounts or promotions for customers?

Zagu often offers promotions and discounts for loyal customers. Make sure to check with your local Zagu store for any specials that are running.

Do you have any allergies to Zagu’s drinks?

Zagu is determined to provide allergen information on its products. If you have any particular food allergies, please feel free to speak with the staff for help.

Can I customize my drink at Zagu?

Zagu provide customization choice for a wide range of beverage menu. If you’d like additional ingredients or an alternative level of sweetness you can let the team know what you prefer.

Does Zagu offer delivery services?

Some Zagu outlets may offer delivery services or participate in third-party delivery platforms. Visit your local store to find out more about delivery options for your location.

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