Turks Menu Prices in Philippines Updated 2024

Welcome to Turks in the Philippines, where amazing food and reasonable prices create an unforgettable eating experience. The Turks’ renowned fast-food menu chain known for its Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, has won over Filipinos across. Turks is a renowned budget restaurant because of its high-quality ingredients, delicious food, and reasonable prices.

Turkish branches smell of freshly grilled meats and fragrant spices, enticing customers with the promise of great meals. Turks have a diverse cuisine to suit all tastes, from hearty shawarma sandwiches to unique rice dishes. Each taste transports guests to the vibrant Mediterranean streets, where food is a celebration of culture and tradition.

We discuss Turkish menu pricing in the Philippines, providing readers with an accurate idea of the cost of dining with their favorite Turkish cuisine. We look at Turks’ extensive, which includes tasty pita wraps, healthy rice meals, and value-packed combos, and explain why fans and newcomers should be aware of the item’s prices. Join us on a culinary trip around Turkey, where affordability meets extraordinary taste sensations.

Turks Menu Prices

Turks Menu Prices in the Philippines

The restaurant offers a diverse menu catering to different tastes and preferences, all at competitive prices. Whether you’re craving hearty pita wraps, filling rice meals, or value-packed combos, Turks have something for everyone.

Turks Pita Wraps Prices

Pita wraps are a signature offering at Turks, featuring a delightful fusion of flavors packed into warm, freshly baked bread. From classic beef and chicken variants to innovative vegetarian options, Turks’ pita wraps are both satisfying and affordable.

Hotdog Wrap₱ 85.00
Chicken Pita Wrap₱ 85.00
Beef Pita Wrap₱ 85.00
Small Pita Wrap Beef & Chicken₱ 65.00
Chicken Kebab Wrap₱ 85.00
Kebab Wrap₱ 85.00

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Turks Rice Meals menu Prices

For those who prefer rice-based dishes, Turks also offer a selection of mouthwatering rice meals. From savory beef kebabs to succulent chicken shawarma, each rice meal is served with fragrant rice and flavorful sauces.

Chicken Rice₱ 125.00
Beef & Kebab Platter₱ 185.00
Beef Rice Steak₱ 240.00
Chicken Kebab Rice₱ 125.00
Beef Rice₱ 125.00
Kebab Rice₱ 125.00
Chicken & kebab Platter₱ 185.00
Chicken Rice Steak₱ 185.00
Hotdog Rice₱ 125.00
Rice Bowl Beef & Chicken₱ 75.00
Beef & Chicken Platter₱ 185.00

Turks Value Meals Prices

If you’re looking for great value without compromising on taste, Turks’ value meals are the perfect option. These hearty combos typically include a main dish, a side, and a drink, providing a complete and satisfying meal at an affordable price.

Value Meals A₱ 155.00
Value Meals B₱ 140.00

Turks Add-Ons Menu Prices

To enhance your meal experience, Turks also offers a range of delicious add-ons and extras. Whether you’re craving extra cheese on your pita wrap or a side of crispy fries, these add-ons allow you to customize your meal to your liking.

Turks Java Rice₱ 25.00
Turks Fried Cheese & Barbecue₱ 40.00
Cheddar Cheese₱ 15.00
Turks Water₱ 20.00
Turks Sauces Garlic-Cheese-Chili₱ 10.00
Coke Mismo₱ 20.00

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Best Selling Items Of Turks Philippines

Turks’ beef and chicken shawarma, with its tasty meat and fresh seasonings, is a bestseller. Their falafel wraps and beef kebab rice dinners are also popular, made with care to delight.

  • Beef Shawarma Rice: ₱ 150.00
  • Lamb Adana Kebab: ₱ 180.00
  • Cheese Kebab: ₱ 160.00
  • Mediterranean Wrap: ₱ 130.00

Location and Contact

Turks have many outlets around the Philippines, making their great food easy to access. Turks’ website and social media channels can answer questions about branch locations.

LocationH3G6+4WM, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila
Delivery HotlineNot Available
Opening and Closing HoursSaturday to Friday, 9:30 AM–10 PM
Number of Categories4

Opening and Closing Time

Most Turkish outlets are open from morning to night, so you may satisfy your needs anytime. Before visiting, check branch opening and closing times as they may vary.

  • Monday (9:30 AM–10 PM)
  • Friday (9:30 AM–10 PM)
  • Tuesday (9:30 AM–10 PM)
  • Saturday (9:30 AM–10 PM)
  • Wednesday (9:30 AM–10 PM)
  • Sunday (9:30 AM–10 PM)
  • Thursday (19:30 AM–10 PM)

Overall Conclusion

To summarize, understanding the menu costs at Turks in the Philippines is critical for budget-conscious foodies and anyone trying to enjoy tasty meals without breaking the bank. With a broad menu ranging from pita wraps to value meals, the restaurant continues to please consumers with its delectable dishes. So, why wait? Visit Turks today and treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there vegetarian options available at Turks?

Yes, Turks offer vegetarian pita wraps and other meat-free options to cater to different dietary preferences.

Do Turkish branches offer delivery services?

Yes, many Turkish branches offer delivery services for added convenience. You can place orders online or through their designated delivery hotline.

Are the menu prices consistent across all Turks branches?

While there may be slight variations in prices depending on location, restaurants strive to maintain consistency in menu prices across their branches.

Can I customize my order at Turks?

Absolutely! Turks welcome customizations and modifications to suit your taste preferences. Feel free to request additional toppings or adjustments to your meal.

Do Turks offer loyalty rewards or promotions for frequent customers?

Yes, Turks occasionally run promotions and loyalty programs to reward its loyal customers. Be sure to check their website or social media pages for the latest offers and discounts.

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