Teppanya Menu Prices in Philippines Updated 2024

In the diverse culinary landscape of the Philippines, the Teppanya shines brightly. It serves as a hub of innovation, seamlessly blending Japanese traditions with modern flair. Nestled amidst bustling streets, the Teppanya Menu showcases the skill and passion of its chefs. They adeptly fuse traditional Japanese flavours with contemporary methods, crafting an extraordinary dining adventure.

Stepping into Teppanya is embarking on a gourmet journey, each dish a tale of culinary perfection. From sizzling teppan delicacies to intricate sushi rolls, the menu reflects a dedication to quality and creativity. Whether a Japanese cuisine expert or a newcomer, Teppanya promises a tantalizing experience, leaving you craving more.

Teppanya offers more than just a meal, it’s a celebration of flavour, texture, and innovation. Each dish is crafted to surprise and delight, taking diners on a culinary journey across cultures. With top-notch ingredients and creative flair, Teppanya has won over Filipino food lovers, known for its bold flavours and inviting atmosphere. Come, experience the magic of Teppanya with us.

Teppanya Menu Prices

Teppanya Menu Prices in Philippines

Known for its mix of Japanese cuisine with modern twists, Teppanya tantalizes diners in the Philippines with a menu that combines classic flavours with contemporary flare. Teppanya’s menu offers a variety of options, including savoury appetisers, excellent sushi rolls, and teppan-grilled treats. At Teppanya in the Philippines, diners embark on a flavorful journey with meticulously priced menus, ensuring accessibility without sacrificing quality.

Teppanya’s Appetiser Menu and Prices

Beginning your gastronomic trip at Teppanya, you’ll be greeted with a delectable selection of appetisers, each expertly prepared to tantalise your palate. Teppanya’s appetiser menu, which includes everything from crunchy tempura to savoury gyoza, is a tantalising prelude to your dining experience, and the pricing ranges from economical to opulent.

Kani Salad₱ 298.00
Salmon Tataki₱ 298.00

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Japanese Appetiser Prices

Teppanya’s appetiser menu features a variety of Japanese delicacies with unique flavours. Whether you choose classic edamame or takoyaki, each meal is reasonably priced to promote accessibility without sacrificing quality.

Tuna Tataki₱ 278.00
Agedashi Tofu₱ 188.00
Usuyaki Beef₱ 298.00
Salmon Tataki₱ 298.00
Chicken Karaage₱ 238.00
Gyoza₱ 188.00
Ebi Tempura₱ 268.00
Mix Tempura₱ 368.00
Edamame₱ 158.00

Teppanya Salads Menu Prices

Teppanya’s salads are a refreshing and healthful way to start the day. Fresh ingredients mixed with innovative dressings produce a symphony of flavours that are both gratifying and cheaply priced, making them a favourite choice among health-conscious eaters.

Kani Salad₱ 288.00
Chicken Teriyaki Salad₱ 298.00

Teppanya Ramen Prices

As you work your way through the menu, Teppanya’s ramen selections entice you with their rich broths and perfectly prepared noodles. From traditional tonkotsu to current tweaks like hot miso, each bowl is priced to provide a great bargain while also giving a true Japanese taste.

Tonkotsu Ramen “Hakata Ramen”₱ 398.00
Gomoku Ramen₱ 398.00

Teppanya Noodles & Soup Menu Prices

Beyond ramen, Teppanya’s noodle and soup dishes offer a cosy yet savoury dining experience. Whether you favour udon or soba, each dish is reasonably priced to satisfy both your palette and your wallet.

Tempura Udon₱ 308.00
Sukiyaki Soup₱ 298.00
Clam Soup₱ 118.00
Wakatake-Nit₱ 118.00
Yakisoba₱ 288.00
Miso Soup₱ 78.00
Ramen / Noodle & Soup₱ 298.00

Teppanya Makimono Prices

Teppanya’s vast makimono selection will leave sushi fans spoiled for choice. From classic California rolls to imaginative innovations, each roll is reasonably priced, allowing you to satisfy your sushi desires without hesitation.

The Real California Roll₱ 248.00
California Roll₱ 248.00
Yellow Mango Roll₱ 298.00
Salmon Tempura Roll₱ 298.00
Crunch Roll₱ 298.00
Tiger Roll₱ 248.00
Salmon Skin Roll₱ 248.00
Washington Roll₱ 298.00
Hot Night Roll₱ 328.00
Spicy Tuna Salad Gunkan₱ 298.00

Teppanya Premium Makimono Menu Prices

Teppanya provides a variety of premium makimono selections for customers looking for a more upscale sushi dining experience. Made with the freshest ingredients and masterfully created, these rolls are priced to reflect their high quality, delivering a truly delicious eating experience.

Green Dragon Roll₱ 348.00
Bristol Salmon Roll₱ 398.00
Rainbow Roll₱ 398.00
Hawaiian Roll₱ 398.00
Grilled Salmon Roll₱ 398.00
California King Roll₱ 398.00
Spicy Tuna Roll₱ 398.00

Teppanya’s Nigiri Sushi Prices

Teppanya serves nigiri sushi that is both simple and elegant, with each piece highlighting the delicate flavours of the finest fish. Teppanya’s nigiri sushi is a monument to the mastery of Japanese cuisine, with prices suitable for both occasional indulgence and frequent delight.

Shake Salmon₱ 138.00
Hata Lapu-Lapu₱ 138.00
Ebi Shrimp₱ 118.00
Tobiko Gunkan Flying Fish Egg₱ 118.00
Hamachi Yellow Tail₱ 298.00
Tamago Egg₱ 78.00
Maguro Tuna₱ 138.00
Uni Sea Urchin₱ 168.00
Saba Mackerel₱ 128.00
Ikura Salmon Egg₱ 498.00
Three Kinds of Roe Gunkan₱ 288.00
Kani Crab Stick₱ 98.00
Tako Octopus₱ 158.00
Unagi Eel₱ 238.00

Teppanya Nigiri Sushi Platter Prices

Teppanya offers nigiri sushi platters at reasonable pricing for a group dining experience or a private feast. These platters, which include a range of nigiri sushi pieces, are ideal for trying out new flavours or indulging in old favourites.

5 Kinds of Nigiri₱ 248.00
6 Kinds of Nigiri₱ 498.00

Teppanya Aburi Sushi Menu Prices

Teppanya’s aburi sushi elevates your sushi experience, combining flame-seared fish with perfectly seasoned rice for a beautiful balance of flavours and textures. Teppanya prices its aburi sushi to suit both occasional indulgence and regular enjoyment, making it a true sensory delight.

Shake Salmon₱ 128.00
Hata Lapu-Lapu₱ 158.00
Hamachi Yellow Tail₱ 308.00
Foie Gras Duck Liver₱ 298.00
Shake with Cheese₱ 158.00
Maguro Tuna₱ 148.00

Temaki Sushi Prices

Teppanya hand-rolls its temaki sushi with care and precision, offering a convenient and delectable dining choice for sushi lovers on the go. With pricing that ensures pleasure without sacrificing quality, these hand rolls are ideal for a fast bite or a leisurely supper.

Spicy Tuna₱ 258.00
Uni₱ 208.00
California₱ 258.00

Teppanya Sashimi Menu Prices

Teppanya’s sashimi selections showcase the purity of flavours, with beautiful slices of fish served with little decoration to let its natural essence shine through. Teppanya thoughtfully prices its sashimi to suit both occasional indulgence and regular enjoyment, celebrating simplicity and quality.

Hata₱ 348.00
Maguro₱ 298.00
Shake₱ 298.00
Uni₱ 268.00
Saba₱ 298.00
Tamago₱ 168.00
Kani₱ 168.00
Hamachi₱ 548.00

Teppanya Teppan A la Carte Prices

Teppanya’s teppan a la carte dishes are a must-try if you want to have an entertaining and tasty eating experience. Each item cooks to perfection on the teppan grill, offering a wonderful dining experience with luscious meats and fresh seafood at perfectly set prices.

Wagyu A4₱ 2188.00
Wagyu MS 7+₱ 1698.00
Angus Prime Rib Eye₱ 1488.00
Tenderloin₱ 468.00
Pork Tenderloin₱ 288.00
Pork Belly (Bacon Cut)₱ 248.00
Chicken (Thigh Fillet)₱ 238.00
Sukiyaki Cut (USDA Beef Belly)₱ 288.00

Teppan Seafood Menu Prices

Teppanya’s teppan seafood dishes showcase the abundance of the sea, with fresh catches masterfully prepared to enhance their inherent flavours. Teppanya’s teppan seafood menu caters to both seafood lovers and casual customers, with rates to suit both.

Sea Bass₱ 1398.00
King Prawn₱ 628.00
Salmon Fillet₱ 348.00
Tuna₱ 358.00
Cream Dory Fillet (Skin On)₱ 228.00
Squid₱ 278.00
Large Prawn₱ 298.00
White Shrimp₱ 168.00

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Best Selling Items

Among Teppanya extensive menu selections, certain foods have become perennial favourites among customers. From trademark rolls to chef’s specials, these best-selling products have constantly received high praise for their exceptional taste.

  • Sushi Fusion Rolls: ₱1200
  • Wagyu Deluxe Teppanyaki: ₱1500
  • Seafood Symphony Platter: ₱1800
  • Teriyaki Glazed Chicken: ₱850
  • Tempura Ebi-Ten Don: ₱900

Location and Contact

Teppanya, conveniently located in the centre of the Philippines, invites customers to enjoy its culinary pleasures in a cosy and pleasant setting. For enquiries or reservations, please contact Teppanya’s courteous staff via phone or email.

Opening and Closing HoursSaturday to Friday, 10 AM–11 PM
Number of Categories14
Delivery Hotline+63277539164
Location Evia Lifestyle Center, Almanza Dos, Las Piñas, Metro Manila, Philippines

Opening and Closing Times

Teppanya welcomes hungry customers from [10 AM–11 PM] allowing you to enjoy its wonderful delicacies whenever it is most convenient for you. Teppanya is ready to serve you with warmth and kindness, whether you’re having a relaxing lunch or a cosy evening.

  • Monday (10 AM–11 PM)
  • Friday (10 AM–11 PM)
  • Tuesday (10 AM–11 PM)
  • Saturday (10 AM–11 PM)
  • Wednesday (10 AM–11 PM)
  • Sunday (10 AM–11 PM)
  • Thursday (10 AM–11 PM)

Overall Conclusion

To summarise, Teppanya menu pricing in the Philippines strikes a perfect balance between quality and affordability, ensuring a memorable dining experience for all. From appetisers to sweets, each item is meticulously priced to accommodate a variety of tastes and preferences, making Teppanya a must-visit for Japanese food fans. So, why wait? Visit Teppanya today and indulge in a culinary odyssey unlike any other.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the prices quoted inclusive of taxes?

Yes, all prices on the Teppanya menu include taxes.

Does Teppanya have vegetarian options?

Yes, Teppanya serves a variety of vegetarian cuisine to suit different dietary choices.

Can I book bookings online?

Yes, you can make reservations online via Teppanya’s website or other booking services.

Are there any discounts for larger groups?

Teppanya may provide special discounts or packages for large group reservations. We recommend that you contact the restaurant directly for further information.

Are there any seasonal menu items?

Yes, Teppanya does occasionally provide seasonal items to highlight fresh ingredients and culinary advances. Make sure to check their menu frequently for modifications.

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