Sladstop Menu Prices in Philippines 2024 Updated

Sladstop Menu Prices provide an extensive selection of nutritious salads and delicious options for dining in the Philippines. Whether you want a healthy salad or a protein-packed hot dish, Sladstop has something for everyone. Each menu item ensures a wonderful dining experience by focusing on high-quality ingredients and unique flavors.

The menu items at Sladstop range from ₱160 to ₱395 and are meant to be affordable prices without sacrificing quality or taste. Whether you’re on a limited budget or want to treat yourself, Sladstop has something for everybody. The menu caters to a variety of tastes, including both budget-friendly options and more expensive feasts.

Popular dishes at Sladstop include signature salads like the Fu-Silly Me and Omega 3 baby bowl, warm meals full of protein, and smoothies made with fresh ingredients. Each meal is carefully designed to give the ideal balance of flavors, nutrition, and satisfaction, ensuring that every eating experience is unforgettable.

Sladstop Menu

Sladstop Menu Prices in Philippines

Explore the Sladstop menu in the Philippines, which includes a variety of tasty and nutritious selections. Diners can enjoy delectable meals suited to their preferences and dietary needs by selecting from a range of options. From refreshing salads to protein-rich heated foods, Sladstop has something for all people. So, go and sample the delectable dishes on its menu now!

Sladstop the Signatures Menu Prices

Indulge in Sladstop’s signature creations, ranging from ₱295 to ₱395. These dishes are bursting with flavor and nutrition, offering a delightful culinary experience that will leave your taste buds satisfied.

Menu ItemsPrices
Tuna San₱ 395
Jai Ho₱ 295
Howdy₱ 385
Hail Caesar₱ 295
Go Geisha₱ 295
Fu-Silly Me₱ 385
Omega 3 baby₱ 395
Oh Crab Lah₱ 295
Man-Go Wild₱ 295
Cobb₱ 385

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Sladstop All Natural Smoothies Menu

Enjoy Sladstop’s all-natural smoothies at ₱160 each. Made with fresh ingredients, these smoothies are a delicious and healthy choice for a refreshing drink, perfect for any time of the day.

Menu ItemsPrices
Pink Panther₱ 160
Green Glow₱ 160
Berry Grape-Ful₱ 160

Sladstop the Warm Proteins Menu Prices

Try Sladstop’s protein-packed options at ₱395. From grilled chicken to succulent shrimp, these warm meals are satisfying and flavorful, providing a hearty and fulfilling dining experience.

Menu ItemsPrices
Samyo Sunrise₱ 395
Habibi₱ 395
Taco Loco₱ 395
Yeobo Yeono₱ 395

Sladstop Favorite Item

Explore Sladstop’s customer favorites, priced from ₱295 to ₱395. These dishes highlight its quality ingredients and innovative flavors, ensuring a memorable dining experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Menu ItemsPrices
Yeobo Yeobo₱ 395
Tuna San₱ 395
Hail Caesar₱ 295

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Sladstop Bestselling Items

The Sladstop bestselling items are curated to delight your taste buds and satisfy your cravings with competitive menu prices. These popular choices showcase the diverse flavors and quality ingredients that make it a favorite among diners. From refreshing salads to hearty protein bowls, each item is crafted with care to ensure a memorable dining experience.

  • Fu-Silly Me: ₱385
  • Omega 3 baby: ₱395
  • Hail Caesar: ₱295
  • Habibi: ₱395
  • Green Glow: ₱160

Contact and Location

Sladstop’s convenient location in the Philippines can be found at Phase 1, Level 1 UP Town Center, 216 Katipunan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1108. Situated in a bustling area, this prime spot allows diners easy access to Sladstop’s delicious and nutritious offerings. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor exploring the area, its location makes it a convenient and satisfying dining destination.

RestaurantSladstop in the Philippines
LocationPhase 1, Level 1 UP Town Center, 216 Katipunan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1108
Number Of Categories4
Working HoursMonday to Sunday, 10 AM–8 PM
Contact Info+639178027463

Opening Closing Time

Sladstop welcomes diners from 10 AM to 8 PM, giving visitors plenty of time to savor their delicious and healthy salads all day long. Whether you crave a hearty breakfast, a fulfilling lunch paired with a salad, or a satisfying dinner featuring a healthy salad, it caters to your dining needs. The flexible closing time at 8 PM ensures relaxed dining experiences, allowing customers to enjoy their meals at their convenience.

  • Monday (10 AM–8 PM)
  • Friday (10 AM–8 PM)
  • Tuesday (10 AM–8 PM)
  • Saturday (10 AM–8 PM)
  • Wednesday (10 AM–8 PM)
  • Sunday (10 AM–8 PM)
  • Thursday (10 AM–8 PM)

Overall Conclusion

In conclusion, Sladstop offers a delightful dining experience with its diverse menu of healthy and flavorful options. From signature salads to protein-packed warm dishes and refreshing smoothies, it caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. With competitive Sladstop menu prices and a convenient location, diners can enjoy delicious meals without breaking the bank. Sladstop is a top choice for health-conscious individuals seeking a satisfying and nutritious dining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the maximum and minimum prices on the Sladstop menu?

The maximum price for a menu item at Sladstop is ₱395, while the minimum price is ₱160.

What are the most popular items on Sladstop’s menu?

Some of the most popular items include the Fu-Silly Me salad, Omega 3 baby bowl, Hail Caesar salad, Habibi bowl, and Green Glow smoothie.

Is there a rewards program in place for loyal patrons at Sladstop?

Yes, It offers a loyalty program for frequent customers, allowing them to earn rewards and discounts on future purchases.

Can I make special dietary requests or customize my order at Sladstop?

Yes, It accommodates special dietary requests and offers customization options for orders to meet individual preferences.

Are there any seasonal or limited-time offerings at Sladstop?

It occasionally introduces seasonal and limited-time offerings to provide variety and excitement for customers, so be sure to check for updates on the menu.

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