Pho Hoa Menu Prices in Philippines Updated 2024

Pho Hoa Menu is a popular Vietnamese restaurant brand observed for its authentic flavors and extensive menu options. It is famous among foodies seeking real Vietnamese cuisine due to its culinary culture. Pho Hoa seeks to serve a delicious meal that captures Vietnamese gastronomy, whether it’s classic pho or current Vietnamese meals.

The menu at Pho Hoa is carefully designed to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. The restaurant uses high-quality ingredients and traditional flavors in its soups, rice dishes, and salads. It keeps pricing low so clients may enjoy wonderful Vietnamese food without breaking the bank. Pho Hoa’s prices range from ₱ 175 to ₱ 468, making it affordable to a wide range of customers.

The famous pho bowls at Pho Hoa are made with rich broth, tender meats or seafood, and a balanced blend of aromatic herbs and spices. A variety of appetizers, noodle dishes, and rice plates reflect Vietnamese flavors and the restaurant’s attention to quality. Pho Hoa allows you to explore Vietnam’s rich culinary traditions, whether you’re a familiar fan or a curious beginner.

Pho Hoa Menu

Pho Hoa Menu Prices in Philippines

The commitment of Pho Hoa to providing great Vietnamese food at low prices is reflected in the items. Every dish on the menu is priced to ensure affordability without sacrificing taste or serving quantity. Pho Hoa is a popular spot for hearty meals that won’t break the wallet.

Pho Hoa Starters Prices

Begin your culinary journey with Pho Hoa’s starters, priced between ₱ 175 to ₱ 285. These appetizers offer a perfect introduction to Vietnamese flavors, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Chien Trung Cuon₱285
Thit Nong₱180
Cha Gio Viet₱175
Canh Ga Chein₱195
Mat Ong Cang Ga₱245
Goi Cuon₱175
Cho Gio Chein Voi Banh Xa Lach₱255

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Pho Hoa Best Sellers Menu

Indulge in Pho Hoa’s best-selling items, ranging from ₱ 195 to ₱ 360. These signature dishes have won customers’ hearts, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to quality and taste.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Mi Xao Toi₱250
Banh Mi₱195
Bun Tom Thit Nuong₱335
Pho Chay₱280
Pho Ga₱295
Pho Canh Chua Tom₱360

Rice Menu Prices

Savor the richness of Vietnamese cuisine with Pho Hoa’s rice dishes, priced between ₱ 285 to ₱ 355. Each rice-based meal is a harmonious blend of flavors and textures, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Chay Dau Hu₱285
Thit Kho₱325
Com Bo Xao₱355
Con Ga Xao Nam₱285
Com Tom Rim₱320
Chien Ga Ot Sung, Dau Phung₱295
Com Suon Nuong₱320
Com Thit Bo₱305
Com Thit Nuong Cha Gio₱315
Banh Mi Bo Kho₱310
Com Bo Xao₱355

Pho Hoa Salads Menu

Explore the freshness of Vietnamese salads with Pho Hoa’s offerings, priced between ₱ 265 to ₱ 315. These vibrant salads are delicious and nutritious, making them an ideal choice for health-conscious diners.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Goa Ga₱265
Goi Tom Buoi₱295
Goi Tom Xaoi₱315

Pho Hoa the Healthy Choice Prices

Embrace a healthy lifestyle with Pho Hoa’s nutritious options, priced between ₱ 295 to ₱ 350. From wholesome soups to refreshing salads, these dishes are crafted to nourish both body and soul.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Pho Bo Kho₱295
The Adventurer’s Choice Pho Nam, Gan₱300
For the Beginners Pho Nam₱295
Pho Do Bien₱350
Pho Chin Nam Gan Bo Vien₱320

Delivery Menu Prices

Enjoy the convenience of Pho Hoa’s delivery service, with prices ranging from ₱ 222 to ₱ 468. Whether you’re dining solo or hosting a gathering, it ensures that delicious Vietnamese cuisine is just a phone call away.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Chicken Pho₱402
Fried Rice Paper Rolls Pork with Vermicelli₱252
Fresh Rice Paper Rolls Shrimp₱222
Brisket Pho₱402
Fried Rice Paper Rolls with Lettuce Wrap Pork₱354
Brisket, Flank, Tendon and Meatballs Pho₱468

Pho Hoa a La Carte Menu

Customize your dining experience with Pho Hoa’s à la carte options, priced between ₱ 260 to ₱ 350. Mix and match your favorite dishes to create a personalized feast that suits your taste and budget.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Tom Ot₱350
Dau Phu Gion₱285
Chein Dau Hu₱285
Goa Ga₱265
Chein Muc Ot₱300
Thit Ga Bam Voi Bang Xa Lach Nam₱315
Ca Hap Vol Dau Vang₱320
Xao Chay₱260

Rice Plates Menu Prices

Experience the comfort of the Vietnamese rice plates menu with Pho Hoa offerings, priced between ₱ 285 to ₱ 355. Each plate is a hearty combination of rice, protein, and flavorful sauces, delivering a satisfying dining experience.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Com ga Xao Nam Bap Non₱295
Com Thit Bo₱305
Thit Kuo Trung Dau Hung₱305
Bang Mi Bo Kho₱310
Com Thit Nuong Cha Gio₱315
Com Ga Nuong Cha Gio₱315
Com Suon Nuong₱320
Com Tom Rim₱320
Com Bo Xao₱355
Com Tom mThit Nuong₱355
Chay Dau Hu₱285

Favorite Item of Pho Hoa

Discover the favorite dishes among Pho Hoa patrons, priced between ₱ 285 to ₱ 355. These beloved menu items have earned rave reviews for their exceptional taste and value.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Chien Dau Hu₱285
Pho Ga₱295
Com Tom Thit Nuong₱355

Pho Hoa Noodles Menu

Delight in the simplicity and flavor of Vietnamese noodles with Pho Hoa’s offerings, priced between ₱ 250 to ₱ 355. From traditional pho to stir-fried noodles, each dish is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to authenticity and quality.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Mi Xao Toi₱250
Tom Gia Ri Mu₱355
Mi Xao Don Thap Cam₱325

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Pho Hoa Bestselling Items

Take a delicious journey with the Pho Hoa bestselling menu items, each bite narrating a tale of expertly crafted flavors. These iconic dishes have won over diners, blending tradition and innovation seamlessly. With aromatic broths and irresistible textures, each item on this sought-after list guarantees a culinary experience that goes beyond mere dining; it’s a true celebration of Vietnamese culinary excellence.

  • Chicken Pho: ₱ 402
  • Mi Xao Toi: ₱ 250
  • Bun Tom Thit Nuong: ₱ 335
  • Pho Chay: ₱ 280
  • Banh Mi: ₱ 195

Contact and Location

Pho Hoa’s convenient location in the Philippines can be found at G/F, Greenbelt 1 Ayala Center, Legazpi Street, Makati, Metro Manila. Situated in a bustling area, the restaurant offers easy access for both locals and tourists seeking an authentic Vietnamese dining experience.

RestaurantPho Hoa in the Philippines
LocationG/F, Greenbelt 1 Ayala Center, Legazpi Street, Makati, Metro Manila
Number Of Categories10
Working HoursMonday to Sunday, 11 AM – 8:30 PM
Contact Info0922 841 7987

Opening and Closing Time

Pho Hoa operates from 11 AM to 8:30 PM, providing a wide window for customers to relish their delectable offerings. Whether you crave a midday feast or an evening treat, its flexible hours accommodate various dining preferences. This convenient schedule ensures that you can enjoy a flavorful Vietnamese meal at a time that suits your schedule.

  • Monday (11 AM–8:30 PM)
  • Friday (11 AM–8:30 PM)
  • Tuesday (11 AM–8:30 PM)
  • Saturday (11 AM–8:30 PM)
  • Wednesday (11 AM–8:30 PM)
  • Sunday (11 AM–8:30 PM)
  • Thursday (11 AM–8:30 PM)

Overall Conclusion

In conclusion, Pho Hoa stands out as a top choice for authentic Vietnamese cuisine menu in the Philippines. With a diverse menu offering a range of flavorful dishes, affordable prices, and a convenient location, it caters to both locals and tourists alike. The restaurant’s commitment to quality ingredients and expert preparation ensures a delightful dining experience every time. It’s a place where food enthusiasts can savor delicious meals without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the maximum and minimum prices for dishes at Pho Hoa in the Philippines?

The maximum price for the menu dishes at Pho Hoa is ₱ 468, while the minimum price is ₱ 175.

What are some of the most popular items on Pho Hoa’s menu?

Some of the most popular items include Chicken Pho, Mi Xao Toi, Bun Tom Thit Nuong, Pho Chay, and Banh Mi.

How does Pho Hoa ensure the freshness and quality of its ingredients?

It ensures freshness and quality by sourcing ingredients locally and adhering to strict quality control measures. The restaurant also emphasizes timely preparation to maintain the integrity of flavors.

Does Pho Hoa offer vegetarian or vegan options on its items?

Yes, It offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, including Pho Chay and flavorful salads.

Can customers customize their orders at Pho Hoa based on dietary preferences?

Yes, customers can customize their orders at Pho Hoa based on their dietary preferences, including options for dairy-free, and other dietary restrictions.

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