Noodle King Menu Prices in Philippines Updated 2024

Welcome to Noodle King Menu, a place where tastes from across Asia come together to make your mouth water. It is famous for the delicious food it serves and provides an original dining experience. Noodle King offers something to satisfy any appetite, whether it be for hot specials, cozy soups, or savory noodles.

There are a lot of delicious meals on the Noodle King options, and the prices are reasonable. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, from simple rice dishes to hot favorites. Prices start at ₱18 and go up to ₱415 so you can enjoy the foods you love without making your budget too thin.

Check out the tempting things on the Noodle King menu and start a unique culinary journey. You can eat special meals like Special Mami, Fish Tausi with Tofu, Chicken BBQ, and more. Crafted with care using only the best ingredients and original recipes, each dish will leave you wanting more. Find out what Noodle King tastes like today.

Noodle King Menu

Noodle King Menu Prices in Philippines

Explore the dining options at Noodle King in the Philippines to find affordable and tasty food. Rice dishes and sizzling delicacies are available for every taste. To enjoy a delicious meal, choose carefully prepared dishes. Enjoy a gourmet experience at Noodle King now!

Noodle King Rice Meals Menu

Noodle King offers rice meals priced between ₱120 to ₱150, ensuring a satisfying and affordable dining experience.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Pork Ampalaya Rice₱ 125
Beef Steak₱ 150
Chicken BBQ₱ 125
Daing na Bangus Rice₱ 130
Chopsuey Rice₱ 120
NK Fried Chicken Rice₱ 125
Pares₱ 150
Asado Plain Rice₱ 125

Kimono Ken Menu Prices

Omakase Menu Prices

Silog Meals Menu

Indulge in Noodle King’s Silog Meals, with prices ranging from ₱75 to ₱95, offering a variety of flavorful and filling options at budget-friendly prices.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Hotsilog₱ 75
Pork Tocino₱ 85
Longsilog₱ 80
Tapsilog₱ 95

Short Orders Menu Prices

Choose from a variety of tasty options on Noodle King’s Short Orders menu, with prices ranging from ₱125 to ₱160, perfect for satisfying your cravings on the go.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Shanghai Roll₱ 140
Pork Ampalaya₱ 130
Sweet & Sour Fish₱ 135
Sliced Beef₱ 140
Sweet & Sour Pork₱ 135
Garlic Wings₱ 125
Choupsuey₱ 130
Fish Tausi with Tofu₱ 135
Buttered Chicken₱ 160

Noodle King Value Meals Menu

Enjoy great taste and value for money with Noodle King’s Value Meals, priced between ₱120 to ₱155, offering a satisfying meal without breaking the bank.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Beef Steak Rice₱ 155
Breaded Porkchop₱ 130
Shanghai Roll₱ 120
Sweet & Sour Fish₱ 120
Garlic Wings₱ 125
NK Fried Chicken₱ 120

Sizzling Specials Menu Prices

Indulge in Noodle King’s Sizzling Specials, with prices ranging from ₱135 to ₱415, offering delicious sizzling dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Chicken Quarter₱ 140
Beef Kaldereta₱ 415
Pork Sisig₱ 135

Noodle King Rice Toppings Prices

Add extra flavor to your meal with Noodle King’s Rice Toppings, priced at ₱125, offering a delicious and affordable way to customize your dish.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Asado Toppings₱ 125
Fish Fillet Toppings₱ 125
Lechon Toppings₱ 125

Noodle King Sizzling Toppings Menu

Customize your sizzling dish with Noodle King’s Sizzling Toppings, with prices ranging from ₱85 to ₱100, allowing you to create the perfect meal according to your taste.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Beef Tapa Tips₱ 95
Pork Tocino Tips₱ 85
Porkchop₱ 90
Sisig Toppings₱ 100
Liempo₱ 100

Lauriant Meals Menu

Enjoy Noodle King’s Lauriant Meals, priced at ₱170, offering delicious and satisfying meal options that are sure to please your palate.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
NK Fried Chicken₱ 170
Sweet & Sour₱ 170
Pork Asado₱ 170

Mami Menu Prices

Choose from a variety of comforting noodle dishes on Noodle King’s Mami Menu, with prices ranging from ₱95 to ₱135, perfect for a warm and hearty meal.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Beef Wanton Mami₱ 120
Siomai Mami₱ 95
Wanton Mami₱ 95
Special Mami₱ 130
Beef Mami₱ 105
Asado Mami₱ 95
Chicken Mami₱ 95
Super Mami₱ 135

Noodle King Noodles Menu

Indulge in delicious noodle dishes at Noodle King, with prices starting from ₱110, offering a tasty and satisfying meal option.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Miki Bihon Guisado₱ 110
Lomi₱ 110
Chami₱ 110
Pancit Canton₱ 110
Bihon Guisado₱ 110

Side Order Menu Prices

Complete your meal with side orders from Noodle King, with prices ranging from ₱20 to ₱73, offering a variety of delicious options to complement your main dish.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Siopao₱ 60
Fried Rice₱ 30
Siomai₱ 70
Fried Egg₱ 20
Steamed Rice₱ 25
Tokwa Plain₱ 58
Tokwa’t Baboy₱ 73

Noodle King Soup Prices

Warm up with a comforting bowl of soup from Noodle King, with prices ranging from ₱88 to ₱215, offering a delicious and satisfying meal option.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Bulalo Pata₱ 160
Bulalo Batangas₱ 215
Siomai Soup₱ 88
Wanton Soup₱ 88

Noodle King Lugao Menu

Enjoy a comforting bowl of lugao from Noodle King, with prices ranging from ₱50 to ₱70, perfect for a warm and hearty meal.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Gato₱ 70
Lugao with Egg₱ 65
Arrozcaldo₱ 65
Lugao₱ 50

Pork Asado Menu

Indulge in Noodle King’s flavorful Pork Asado, with prices ranging from ₱230 to ₱400, offering a delicious and satisfying meal option.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
1/2 Kilo₱ 400
1/4 Kilo₱ 230

Desserts Menu Prices

Treat yourself to a sweet ending with desserts from Noodle King, with prices ranging from ₱60 to ₱75, offering a delicious and satisfying way to end your meal.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Halo-Halo₱ 75
Mais Con Yelo₱ 60
Black Gulaman₱ 62

Noodle King Beverages Menu Prices

Quench your thirst with beverages from Noodle King, with prices ranging from ₱18 to ₱95, offering a variety of refreshing options to complement your meal.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Soft Drinks 1.5L₱ 95
Soft Drinks Large₱ 50
Mango Juice₱ 58
Soft drinks Medium₱ 45
Bottled Water₱ 25
Iced Tea Large₱ 50
Pineapple Juice₱ 58
Iced Tea Medium₱ 45
Zesto₱ 18

Dohtonbori Menu Prices

Watami Menu Prices

Noodle King Bestselling Items

Explore the top-selling menu dishes at the Noodle King, which are crafted to delight. Treat yourself to flavorful classics and specialty options, each carefully prepared to ensure a memorable dining experience. Explore its bestselling items and find your new favorite today.

  • Special Mami: ₱ 130
  • Fish Tausi with Tofu: ₱ 135
  • Chicken BBQ: ₱ 125
  • Sliced Beef: ₱ 140
  • Bulalo Pata: ₱ 160

Contact and Location

Come and experience Noodle King at its convenient location in the Philippines, situated at 1533 Dimasalang St, Bgy 343, Zone 034 STA Cruz, Manila. Whether you’re a resident or visiting the area, this restaurant offers a welcoming atmosphere and delicious cuisine that’s sure to satisfy your appetite. Look forward to serving you soon.

RestaurantNoodle King in the Philippines
Location1533 Dimasalang St, Bgy 343, Zone 034 STA Cruz, Manila
Number of Categories15
Working HoursMonday to Sunday, 8 AM–9 PM
Contact Info+639100964246

Opening and Closing Time

It is here to serve you from 8 AM to 9 PM, seven days a week. Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Noodle King or end your evening with a satisfying dinner. Its extended hours ensure that you can enjoy its flavorful dishes at your convenience. Visit anytime between 8 AM and 9 PM and experience the best of Noodle King’s cuisine.

  • Monday (8 AM–9 PM)
  • Friday (8 AM–9 PM)
  • Tuesday (8 AM–9 PM)
  • Saturday (8 AM–9 PM)
  • Wednesday (8 AM–9 PM)
  • Sunday (8 AM–9 PM)
  • Thursday (8 AM–9 PM)

Overall Conclusion

Noodle King offers a diverse and affordable menu of Asian cuisine in the heart of the Philippines. With flavorful dishes ranging from rice meals to sizzling specials, there’s something for every taste preference. Its commitment to quality and affordability ensures a satisfying dining experience for all. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, it welcomes you to enjoy its delicious offerings and experience a culinary journey like no other.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the maximum and minimum prices at Noodle King?

The maximum price is ₱ 415, and the minimum price is ₱ 18.

What are some popular items on the Noodle King menu?

Some of the popular items include Special Mami, Fish Tausi with Tofu, Chicken BBQ, Sliced Beef, and Bulalo Pata.

Does Noodle King offer delivery services?

Yes, it offers delivery services. For more information, please contact the restaurant directly.

Are there any vegetarian options available at Noodle King?

Yes, this offers a variety of vegetarian options on its menu, including tofu dishes and vegetable soups.

Does Noodle King accept credit card payments?

Yes, credit card payments are accepted for both dine-in and delivery orders.

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