MOS Burger Menu Prices in Philippines Updated 2024

Enjoy a delicious journey through the MOS Burger Menu, where each mouthful tells a story of innovative cuisine and taste experiences. MOS Burger, located in the heart of the Philippines, attracts food specialists with its tempting variety of item options, offering a pleasurable experience for burger fans of everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just looking for a flavorful lunch, their wide menu has something for everyone.

There is a wide range of prices that are covered by the MOS Burger, making it possible to satisfy every budget without sacrificing quality. From budget-friendly selections starting at ₱59 for certain goods to expensive pleasures, there’s something for everyone. It offers premium eating options with a maximum price of ₱1255.

Get into the tempting selection of options on the MOS Burger Menu, which combines culinary creative thinking with high-quality ingredients. From tantalizing burgers and sandwiches to nutritious breakfast options and delicious desserts, each dish offers a rush of flavor with every bite. They cater to every need and gastronomic nature, whether you want a classic cheeseburger or want to try some experimental rice burger choices.

MOS Burger Menu

MOS Burger Menu Prices in Philippines

Discovering MOS Burger’s menu prices in the Philippines provides a broad selection of options to delight taste buds and satisfy various budgets. They offer a wide range of food choices, from breakfast to desserts, ensuring that there is something for everyone. MOS Burger’s worldwide locations make sure a great dining experience, with economical pricing and premium selections.

MOS Burger All Day Breakfast Menu

Whether you’re an early riser or craving breakfast for dinner, MOS Burger’s All Day Breakfast Menu has you covered. With prices ranging from ₱149 to ₱199, you can enjoy a hearty meal without breaking the bank.

Menu ItemsPrices
Bacon Cheese Omelette Sandwich₱149
Corned Beef Rice Burger₱199
Double Bacon Rice Burger₱149
Longganisa Rice Burger₱159

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MOS Healthy Menu

For health-conscious individuals, MOS Burger offers a selection of nutritious options under its MOS Healthy. Priced at ₱239, these wholesome choices ensure you stay on track with your dietary goals while savoring every bite.

Menu ItemsPrices
Protein Vegetable Wrap Beef Yakiniku₱239
Protein Vegetable Wrap Plant Based Katsu₱239
Protein Vegetable Wrap Grilled Shrimp₱239

Burgers And Sandwich Menu

Indulge in MOS Burger’s signature burgers and sandwiches, ranging from classic favorites to innovative creations. With prices varying from ₱159 to ₱429, there’s something to satisfy every craving and budget.

Menu ItemsPrices
Wagyu Teriyaki Tamago Burger₱309
Chicken Namban Burger₱239
MOS Hotdog₱219
Chicken Karaage Wich₱179
Wagyu MOS Cheese Burger₱319
Wagyu Premium Burger₱429
BBQ Chicken Teriyaki Burger₱199
MOS Classic Hotdog₱159
Wagyu Western-Style Cheese Burger₱309
Ebi Katsu Burger₱289
Wagyu Classic Burger₱269

MOS Group Meal Menu

Planning a gathering with family or friends? Opt for MOS Burger’s Group Meal Menu priced at ₱1255, offering a generous spread to delight everyone’s taste buds.

Menu ItemsPrices
Crispy Umami Fried Chicken Meal₱1255

Kids Meal Menu Prices

Ensuring that even the little ones are catered to, MOS Burger menu presents its Kids Meal with prices ranging from ₱129 to ₱169. Treat your children to tasty and wholesome meals they’ll love.

Menu ItemsPrices
Kiddie Spaghetti Set₱169
Kiddie Fried Chicken₱129

MOS Burger Set Meal Menu

For a convenient and satisfying dining experience, explore MOS Burger’s Set Meal Menu priced between ₱149 and ₱429. These well-curated combos provide a complete meal solution for any occasion.

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken Karaage Wich₱179
MOS Classic Hotdog₱159
Cheesy Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger₱279
Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger₱229
BBQ Chicken Teriyaki Burger₱199
Chicken Namban Burger₱239
Shrimp Cheese Rice Burger₱269
Protein Vegetable Wrap Grilled Shrimp₱239
Corned Beef Rice Burger₱199
Longganisa Rice Burger₱149
Wagyu Premium Burger₱429
Double Bacon Rice Burger₱149
BBQ Chicken Teriyaki Rice Burger₱199
Protein Vegetable Wrap Beef Yakiniku₱239
Hokkaido Butadon Rice Burger₱269
MOS Hotdog₱219
Wagyu Premium Rice Burger₱429
Ebi Katsu Burger₱299
Kimchi Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger₱279
Chicken Karaage Rice Burger₱199

MOSfordable Deals Menu

Stretch your peso further with MOS Burger’s MOSfordable Deals Menu, offering value-packed options priced from ₱159 to ₱289. Enjoy great taste at great prices with these enticing deals.

Menu ItemsPrices
Crispy Umami Fried Chicken Plate 1pc₱159
MOS Plate Chicken Karaage₱169
TEPPAN Spaghetti₱219
Crispy Umami Fried Chicken 2pcs₱249
MOS Plate Beef Yakiniku₱289

Rice Burger Menu Prices

Experience the fusion of flavors with MOS Burger’s Rice Burger, featuring innovative rice-based burgers priced from ₱199 to ₱429. Elevate your burger experience with these unique offerings.

Menu ItemsPrices
Kimchi Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger₱279
Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger₱229
Chicken Karaage Rice Burger₱199
Shrimp Cheese Rice Burger₱269
BBQ Chicken Teriyaki Rice Burger₱199
Cheesy Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger₱279
Hokkaido Buta Don Rice Burger₱269
Wagyu Premium Rice Burger₱429

Sides Menu Prices

Complement your meal with a variety of sides from MOS Burger’s Sides Menu, ranging from ₱89 to ₱829. From classic fries to indulgent treats, there’s something to accompany every burger craving.

Menu ItemsPrices
Shrimp Tempura 2pc₱129
Poutine – Large₱329
Shrimp Tempura 10Pc₱499
Hash Brown 5 Pcs₱129
BBQ Wedge Cut Fries Small₱89
Chicken Karaage Small₱109
Hash Brown 3pcs₱89
BBQ Wedge Cut Fries Regular₱129
Japanese House Salad₱129
Crispy Umami Fried Chicken Box (8pcs)₱829
French Fries – Large₱219
French Fries – Regular₱129
Shrimp Tempura 4pc₱199
French Fries Small₱89
Cream Cheese Salad₱129
BBQ Wedge Cut Fries Large₱229
Poutine – Regular₱189

MOSweets Menu

Round off your meal on a sweet note with the MOS Burger MOSweets Menu, featuring delectable desserts priced at ₱99. Enjoy these irresistible delights and fulfill your sweet cravings.

Menu ItemsPrices
MOCHI MOCHI Ichigo Affogato₱99
MOCHI MOCHI Affogato₱99

MOS Burger Beverages Menu

Quench your thirst with an array of beverages from MOS Burger’s Beverages Menu, offering refreshing options priced between ₱59 and ₱169. From soft drinks to specialty beverages, there’s a drink for every preference.

Menu ItemsPrices
UCC Iced Sumiyaki Milk Iced Coffee Large₱124
UCC Sumiyaki Chocolate Vanilla Iced Coffee₱119
Ichigo Kori Milk₱159
UCC Sumiyaki Iced Coffee Large₱124
Iced Sumiyaki Salted Caramel Large₱124
UCC Sumiyaki Hot Coffee Regular₱109
MOS Fruit Iced Tea Large₱109
Coke Zero₱95
Orange Juice₱95
MOS Fruit Iced Tea₱94
UCC Sumiyaki Milk Iced Coffee₱119
Iced Sumiyaki Chocolate Vanilla Large₱124
UCC Iced Sumiyaki₱119
Ichigo Strawberry Milk Boba₱149
Iced Sumiyaki Salted Caramel Large₱124
Bottled Water₱59
Strawberry Milkshake₱169

Soup Menu Prices

Warm up with a comforting bowl of soup from MOS Burger’s Soup Menu, priced at ₱69. Perfect for a chilly day or as a comforting addition to any meal, these soups are sure to hit the spot.

Menu ItemsPrices
Miso Shiru₱69

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MOS Burger Bestselling Items

Explore MOS Burger’s most popular dishes, designed to delight your taste buds with every bite. Our menu features a variety of delicious options that are sure to please everyone. Enjoy the fantastic flavors and quality ingredients that make these items favorites among Burger fans. Check out our top picks:

  • BBQ Chicken Teriyaki Burger: ₱199
  • Protein Vegetable Wrap Beef Yakiniku: ₱239
  • Kiddie Fried Chicken: ₱129
  • Bacon Cheese Omelette Sandwich: ₱149
  • Cheesy Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger: ₱279

Contact and Location

Located in the heart of the Philippines, you can find MOS Burger at MITSUKOSHI BGC in Taguig, Metro Manila. This prime location offers convenient access for burger enthusiasts across the bustling city. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor exploring the vibrant streets of Metro Manila, MITSUKOSHI BGC is the perfect destination to satisfy your cravings for delicious burgers.

Restaurant NameMOS Burger in the Philippines
LocationMITSUKOSHI BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila
Categories Available4
Working HoursMonday to Sunday, 8 AM–9 PM
Contact Info+639564226479

Opening Closing Time

At MOS Burger, our doors are open to welcome you from 8 AM to 9 PM, ensuring you have plenty of time to enjoy our delicious offerings. Whether you’re starting your day with a hearty breakfast or winding down with a satisfying dinner, we’re here to serve you. Plan your visit accordingly and savor the flavors of our menu during our operating hours.

  • Monday (8 AM–9 PM)
  • Friday (8 AM–9 PM)
  • Tuesday (8 AM–9 PM)
  • Saturday (8 AM–9 PM)
  • Wednesday (8 AM–9 PM)
  • Sunday (8 AM–9 PM)
  • Thursday (8 AM–9 PM)

Overall Conclusion

In conclusion, MOS Burger provides a wide range of menu options to suit different tastes. Our focus on quality ingredients and unique flavors ensures that every dish offers a delightful culinary experience. Whether you’re enjoying breakfast or dessert, our menu is designed to satisfy you. Plus, with convenient locations and long opening hours, it’s easier than ever to enjoy your favorite Burger treats. Come and discover the joy of flavorful dining with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the maximum and minimum prices on the MOS Burger menu?

At Burger menu prices range from affordable to premium, with the maximum price set at ₱1255 and the minimum price at ₱59.

What are some popular items at MOS Burger?

Some of the popular items include the BBQ Chicken Teriyaki Burger, Protein Vegetable Wrap Beef Yakiniku, Kiddie Fried Chicken, Bacon Cheese Omelette Sandwich, and Cheesy Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger.

Do you offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, they provide a variety of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, ensuring everyone can enjoy a satisfying meal.

Are there any seasonal promotions or limited-time offers available?

They frequently introduce seasonal promotions and limited-time offers, providing customers with exciting opportunities to enjoy new menu items or special discounts.

Can I customize my order at MOS Burger?

Yes, it offers customization options, allowing you to tailor your meal to your preferences, whether it’s adjusting ingredients or portion sizes.

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