Mann Hann Menu Prices in Philippines 2024 Updated

Enjoy in a delightful journey of Chinese-inspired cuisine at Mann Hann menu, where mouth-watering flavors and mouth-melting qualities await. Its commitment to offering a memorable dining experience shows in its combination of affordability and high quality.

Mann Hann provides a broad choice of dishes priced from ₱70 to ₱495, catering to all budgets and gastronomic preferences. With its low prices, Mann Hann does not sacrifice taste or variety, making it a popular choice for consumers seeking both affordability and flavor.

An explosion of tastes capturing the spirit of classic dishes with a modern twist is offered to customers by Mann Hann, whose dishes are carefully made to highlight the best of Chinese cuisine. The Mann Hann menu celebrates culinary ability and gourmet delight, featuring yummy dim sum, cozy noodle bowls, and succulent meats.

Mann Hann Menu

Mann Hann Menu Prices in Philippines

Discover Mann Hann’s prices in the Philippines, which find a balance between affordability and excellence. With a diverse menu to choose from, visitors can enjoy great food at reasonable prices. Explore the item options without breaking the bank, making Mann Hann a popular dining location for many.

Mann Hann Dimsum Menu Prices

Indulge in a variety of dim sum delights at Mann Hann, with prices ranging from ₱95 to ₱295. From steamed dumplings to crispy spring rolls, Mann Hann’s dim sum offerings are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Menu ItemsPrices
Shrimp Roll₱245
Chicken Feet₱165
Radish Cake₱150
Soy Tofu₱185
Siomai (Pork and Shrimp)₱185
Dumplings (Steamed and Fried)₱185
Japanese Siomai₱180
Siopao (2pcs per order) Asado, Spicy Asado, Bola-Bola, Kutchay (With Pork)₱95
Beancurd Roll₱210
Xiao Long Bao₱295
Shrimp and Vegetable Dumpling₱210

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Soup Menu with Prices

Warm up with a bowl of hearty soup from Mann Hann, with prices ranging from ₱210 to ₱495. From classic hot and sour soup to flavorful seafood bisque, Mann Hann’s soups are perfect for chilly evenings.

Menu ItemsPrices
Hot and Sour Soup₱440
Wonton Soup₱295
Clam Soup₱340
Chicken Corn Soup₱440
Batchoy Seaweed Soup₱340
Fishball Soup₱210
Green Seafood Soup₱495
Maki (Maki balls with Shrimp)₱345
Duck Misua₱420
Oyster Misua₱390
Seafood Lomi₱410
Maki Mi₱370
Roast Chicken Noodles₱350

Mann Hann Seafood Menu

Savor the taste of the sea with Mann Hann’s seafood offerings, with prices ranging from ₱465 to ₱495. Its seafood menu is a seafood lover’s paradise, from succulent shrimp dishes to crispy fish fillets.

Menu ItemsPrices
Fried Squid / Spicy Squid₱465
Prawn Tempura₱465
Taosi Clams₱465
Cereal Prawns (200g per order)₱495
Prawn Tempura Wrapped In Bacon₱465
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet₱465
Oyster Cake₱465
Taosi Fish Fillet with Ampalaya₱465
Fried Squid Head₱465
Taosi Fish Fillet₱465
Fish Fillet with Broccoli Flower₱465
Fish Tofu₱465
Spicy Prawn (200g per order)₱465
Fried Fish Fillet₱465
Prawn Tempura₱465

Noodles Menu Prices

Indulge in a comforting bowl of noodles at Mann Hann menu, with prices ranging from ₱380 to ₱495. From savory beef noodle soup to spicy stir-fried noodles, Its noodle dishes are sure to warm your soul.

Menu ItemsPrices
Soy Noodles₱380
Long Live Chami₱465
Miki Bihon₱455
Beef Wonton Noodles₱390
Fried Noodles with Pork and Seafood₱465
Fried Noodles with Seafood₱495
Sate Chami₱465
Seafood Miki Bihon₱495
Seafod Pancit Canton₱495
Pancit Canton₱465
Sate Bihon / Cha Bihon₱465
Seafood Hofan₱495
Seafood Pancit Canton₱495
Beef Noodles₱350
Beef Hofan₱455

Mann Hann Rice with Prices

Enjoy a satisfying rice meal at Mann Hann, with prices ranging from ₱70 to ₱465. From fragrant Yang Chow fried rice to flavorful beef brisket rice, Its rice dishes are perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Menu ItemsPrices
Plain Rice₱70
Garlic Rice₱265
Yang Chow Fried Rice₱465
Fookien Rice₱465
Salted Fish Fried Rice₱465
Spicy Sansi Fried Rice₱465

Mann Hann Meat & Poultry Menu

Sink your teeth into tender meat and poultry dishes at Mann Hann, with prices ranging from ₱340 to ₱475. From succulent barbecue pork to savory braised chicken, Its meat and poultry offerings are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Menu ItemsPrices
Beef Ampalaya₱465
Beef Broccoli Flower₱465
Sweet & Sour Spareribs₱465
Chinese Beef Tenderloin₱465
Cereal Chicken₱465
Beef Brisket₱465
Roast Chicken (Half Chicken)₱465
Three Cup-Chicken₱465
Lutong Lechon Macau₱475
Spicy Spareribs Forever₱465
Lumpiang Shanghai₱340
Lechon Macau with Tofu₱475
Sweet & Sour Pork₱465
Orange Chicken₱465
Beef Ampalaya₱465

Vegetables Menu Prices

Vegetarians will delight in Mann Hann’s vegetable dishes, with prices ranging from ₱135 to ₱380. Its vegetable menu offers something for every palate from crispy stir-fried greens to a flavorful vegetable hot pot.

Menu ItemsPrices
Fresh Lumpia₱135
Bagoong Kangkong₱295
French Beans with Taosi₱330
Garlic Kangkong₱295
Mapo Tofu₱365
Eggplant with Minced Pork₱330
Broccoli Flower with Garlic₱380
Broccoli Flower with Shitake₱380

Rice Toppings Menu

Enhance your rice meal with Mann Hann’s delectable rice toppings, priced at ₱395. From savory beef brisket to flavorful sweet and sour pork, Its rice toppings add an extra layer of flavor to your dining experience.

Menu ItemsPrices
Beef Ampalaya Rice₱395
Taosi Spareribs Rice₱395
Sweet and Sour Pork Rice₱395
Broccoli with Shitake Rice₱395
Beef Broccoli Flower Rice₱395
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet Rice₱395
Fish Broccoli Flower Rice₱395
Lechon Macau Rice₱395
Sweet and Sour Spareribs Rice₱395
Taosi Fish Fillet Rice₱395
Fish Tofu Rice₱395
Spicy Spareribs Rice₱395
Fried Fish Fillet Rice₱395

Mann Hann Desserts & Beverages Menu

Indulge your sweet tooth with Mann Hann’s desserts and beverages, with prices ranging from ₱85 to ₱250. Its dessert and beverage menu offers the perfect ending meal, from creamy mango sago to refreshing watermelon tea.

Menu ItemsPrices
Chilled Taho₱90
Mango Sago₱155
San Miguel Pale Pilsen₱125
Black Gulaman₱160
Sugarfree Cheesecake₱135
Lemon Basil Frost₱170
Fresh Buko Juice₱140
Buchi (4pcs)₱120
Black Almond Jelly₱160
Mango Cheesecake₱135
Almond Jelly₱160
Fresh Lemonade₱160
Fresh Fruit Shake in Season₱180
Calamansi Juice₱150
San Miguel Ligh₱125
Softdrinks in Can₱95
Honey Lemon Tea Liter₱250
Sago Gulaman₱160
Bottled Water₱85

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Mann Hann Bestselling Items

Experience the Mann Hann bestselling menu items, carefully curated to delight your taste buds with every bite. These popular dishes have earned their spot on the menu due to their exceptional flavors, quality ingredients, and satisfying portions. Dive into a culinary adventure with Mann Hann’s bestselling items, guaranteed to leave you craving for more.

  • Beef Hofan: ₱455
  • Sweet and Sour Pork Rice: ₱395
  • Yang Chow Fried Rice: ₱465
  • Orange Chicken: ₱465
  • Shrimp Roll: ₱245

Contact and Location

Find Mann Hann conveniently located at 628 Jose A Santos, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila in the Philippines. Situated in a bustling area of Metro Manila, it offers easy access for diners looking to enjoy its delicious offerings. Whether you’re a resident or visiting the city, Mann Hann’s central location makes it a convenient dining destination.

RestaurantMann Hann in the Philippines
Location628 Jose A Santos, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila
Number Of Categories9
Working HoursMonday to Sunday, 10 AM–10 PM
Contact Info+63287232918

Opening Closing Time

Mann Hann is open every day from 10 AM to 10 PM. Whether it’s lunchtime, dinner, or a late-night craving, Mann Hann is there for you. With these convenient hours, you can enjoy your favorite dishes whenever you want.

  • Monday (10 AM–10 PM)
  • Friday (10 AM–10 PM)
  • Tuesday (10 AM–10 PM)
  • Saturday (10 AM–10 PM)
  • Wednesday (10 AM–10 PM)
  • Sunday (10 AM–10 PM)
  • Thursday (10 AM–10 PM)

Overall Conclusion

As we come to the end of our journey through the Mann Hann menu culinary offerings, it’s clear that this restaurant epitomizes affordable dining excellence. With a menu designed to please all tastes, It impresses diners with its variety and dedication to high-quality cuisine. Whether you’re a resident food enthusiast, its welcoming atmosphere and delicious dishes guarantee a memorable dining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the maximum and minimum prices at the Mann Hann menu?

The maximum price at Mann Hann is ₱495, while the minimum price is ₱70.

What are the most popular items at Mann Hann?

Some of the bestselling items include Beef Hofan, Sweet and Sour Pork Rice, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Orange Chicken, and Shrimp Rolls.

Does Mann Hann offer vegetarian options?

Yes, It offers a variety of vegetarian dishes, including vegetable hot pot and stir-fried greens, to cater to vegetarian diners.

Can I make reservations at Mann Hann?

Yes, They accept reservations for both small and large groups to ensure a seamless dining experience.

Does Mann Hann offer delivery services?

Yes, It provides delivery services, allowing you to enjoy your favorite dishes from the comfort of your home or office.

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