Kuya J Menu Prices in Philippines Updated 2024

Kuya J Menu Prices have become a focus point for gastronomy across the Philippines. Known for its wonderful Filipino meals, it has grown in popularity not just for its savory cuisine but also for its affordability, making it a top choice for diners from every aspect of life. As customers eagerly await the most current changes in Kuya J’s menu options, the release of its prices stimulates excitement and attracts foodies.

There is something for everyone at Kuya J menu, with prices going from as little as ₱59 to as much as ₱2399. Whether you choose a simple but flavorful dinner or a more outstanding feast, the menu allows a wide range of preferences and interests. This dedication to producing high-quality cuisine at affordable rates has solidified its standing as a popular dining place throughout the Philippines.

From starters to sweets, Kuya J’s menu shows a variety of Filipino food. Whether you want classic pleasures or are anxious to try new flavors, they have a plethora of selections to suit your taste. From juicy pig and beef delicacies to tempting seafood treats, every item on Kuya J’s menu is carefully prepared, ensuring a wonderful dining experience for all.

Kuya J Menu

Kuya J Menu Prices in Philippines

Discovering the prices at Kuya J in the Philippines is easy. With a variety of cuisines to select from, each one offers affordability without losing quality. Whether you want hearty Filipino favorites or to try something new, its menu has something for everyone. Enter into a world of tasty choices without breaking the bank.

Kuya J Salo – Chicken Menu

Savor the succulent flavors of Kuya J’s chicken dishes, priced from ₱269 to ₱379. Prepared with care and expertise, these chicken specialties are sure to please even the most discerning palates.

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken Halang Halang (Salo)₱379
Chicken Sisig Salo₱345
Lumpia Prito (Salo)₱269

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Salo – Pork Menu Prices

Indulge in the savory goodness of Kuya J’s pork offerings, priced at ₱429. From tender pork belly to crispy lechon kawali.

Menu ItemsPrices
Sinigang na Baboy (Salo)₱429

Kuya J Salo – Beef

Experience the bold flavors of the Kuya J menu beef dishes, prices ranging from ₱509 to ₱649. From hearty beef stews to tender grilled steaks.

Menu ItemsPrices
Beef Caldereta (Salo)₱550
Beef Tadyang Sinigang (Salo)₱550
Kuya J Bulalo (Salo)₱649
Kare Kare (Salo)₱649
Pochero Bulalo Tagalog (Salo)₱539
Beef Pares (Salo)₱509

Kuya J Vegetables Menu

Indulge in nutritious and delicious vegetable dishes from Kuya J, ranging from ₱129 to ₱290. From stir-fried greens to hearty salads.

Menu ItemsPrices
Relyenong Talong₱249
Kuya J Lumpia Presko₱129
Sizzling Tofu₱259
Ensaladang Ampalaya₱139
Ensaladang Talong₱139

Kuya J Salo – Fish

Dive into the freshest catch with Kuya J’s fish dishes, priced between ₱409 to ₱475. From crispy fried fish to flavorful seafood sinigang.

Menu ItemsPrices
Sinigang na Bangus (Salo)₱429
Crispy Bangus Ala Pobre (Salo)₱409
Crispy Pompano₱475

Kuya J Noodles & Rice

Enjoy comforting classics from the Kuya J noodles and rice menu, prices from ₱59 to ₱269. From savory pancit canton to fragrant garlic rice.

Menu ItemsPrices
Garlic Rice Cup₱65
Pancit Canton₱269
Palabok (Sharing)₱269
Sotanghon Guisado₱269
Palabok (Solo)₱139
Kuya J Spaghetti₱139
Plain Rice Cup₱59
Plain Rice Platter₱165
Danggit Rice₱249
Garlic Rice Platter₱185

Kuya J Solo – Chicken Meals

Treat yourself to a hearty solo meal with Kuya J’s chicken offerings, ranging from ₱215 to ₱312. With generous portions and flavorful sides.

Menu ItemsPrices
Quarter Roast Chicken Solo Meal₱312
Chicken Halang-Halang Solo Meal₱247
Lumpia Prito Solo Meal₱215
Fried Chicken + Crispy Pinakbet Solo Meal₱312
Chicken BBQ Solo Meal₱280
Chicken Sisig Solo Meal₱259
Quarter Roast Chicken + Crispy Pinakbet Solo Meal₱312

Kuya J Solo – Pork Meals

Delight in the rich flavors of Kuya J’s pork meals, priced between ₱258 to ₱291. From crispy pata to savory adobo, these dishes offer a taste of home-cooked goodness in every bite.

Menu ItemsPrices
Sinigang Na Baboy Solo Meal₱258
Lechon Kawali + Crispy Pinakbet Solo Meal₱291

Kuya J Solo – Beef Meals

Satisfy your carnivorous cravings with the Kuya J menu beef meals, prices from ₱280 to ₱389. From hearty beef stew to sizzling beef steak.

Menu ItemsPrices
Pochero Bulalo Tagalog Solo Meal₱355
Kare Kare Solo Meal₱355
Beef Pares Solo Meal₱280
Kuya J Bulalo Solo Meal₱389
Beef Tadyang Sinigang Solo Meal₱355
Beef Caldereta Solo Meal₱355

Kuya J Appetizers Menu

Experience a burst of flavors with Kuya J’s appetizers, priced between ₱280 to ₱312. These tantalizing starters set the tone for a memorable dining experience.

Menu ItemsPrices
Crispy Bagnet Chips₱312
Chorizo Dinamitas₱300
Grilled Scallops₱280

Kuya J Singles Sets- Chicken

For a quick and satisfying meal, opt for Kuya J’s chicken singles sets, priced from ₱194 to ₱247. Perfect for those on the go, these sets offer a convenient and affordable dining option.

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken BBQ Single₱225
Chicken Sisig Single₱215
Quarter Roast Chicken Single₱247
Lumpia Prito Single₱194
Chicken Halang-Halang Single₱215

Kuya J Singles Sets- Pork Menu

Enjoy the savory goodness of Kuya J’s pork singles sets, priced at ₱226. With a variety of options to choose from, these sets are a delicious and filling choice for any meal.

Menu ItemsPrices
Sinigang Na Baboy Single₱226

Singles Sets- Beef Menu Prices

Indulge in the robust flavors of Kuya J’s beef singles sets, ranging from ₱259 to ₱345 with generous portions and flavorful accompaniments.

Menu ItemsPrices
Pochero Bulalo Tagalog Single₱301
Beef Caldereta Single₱319
Beef Tadyang Sinigang Single₱301
Kare Kare Single₱319
Beef Pares Single₱259
Kuya J Bulalo Single₱345

Kuya J Singles Sets – Fish Menu

Savor the taste of the sea with Kuya J’s fish singles sets, priced from ₱226 to ₱269. Whether you prefer grilled fish or fish fillet.

Menu ItemsPrices
Sinigang Na Bangus Single₱226
Crispy Bangus Ala Pobre Single₱269

Kuya J Merienda Espesyals

Treat yourself to a midday snack with Kuya J’s merienda specials, priced between ₱107 to ₱130. From hearty snacks to refreshing treats.

Menu ItemsPrices
Ube Champorado₱107
Choco Champorado₱107
Ginataang Bilo-bilo₱130

Kuya J Desserts Menu

End your meal on a sweet note with the Kuya J desserts menu, prices from ₱81 to ₱150. From classic Filipino sweets to innovative desserts.

Menu ItemsPrices
Kuya J Mango Pandan₱107
Kuya J Ube Halo – Halo Espesyal₱139
Kuya J Halo – Halo Espesyal₱139
Leche Flan₱81
Cheesy Ube Halo Halo Espesyal₱150

Shakes Menu Prices

Quench your thirst with Kuya J’s shakes, priced at ₱119. Made with fresh fruits and creamy ice cream.

Menu ItemsPrices
Kuya J Fruit Shake₱119
Ripe Mango Shake₱119
Cucumber Shake₱119
Fresh Buko Shake₱119
Watermelon Shake₱119

Kuya J Coolers Menu

Beat the heat with Kuya J’s coolers, priced between ₱96 to ₱118. From fruity concoctions to creamy blends, these coolers are the perfect way to stay refreshed and hydrated.

Menu ItemsPrices
Mais Con Yelo₱118
Mango Gulaman₱107
Gulaman Espesyal₱107
Ube Milkshake₱118
Buko Pandan₱96

Kuya J Drinks Menu Prices

Enjoy a variety of beverages from Kuya J’s drinks menu, priced from ₱59 to ₱86. From refreshing juices to ice-cold sodas.

Menu ItemsPrices
Bottled Water₱59
Coke Can₱86

Kuya J Salo Salo Bundles Menu

Experience the ultimate feast with Kuya J’s Salo Salo Bundles, priced from ₱2039 to ₱2399. Ideal for enjoying with your loved ones.

Menu ItemsPrices
Crispy Pata Family Salo Salo₱2399
Fried Chicken Whole Salo Salo₱2079
Crispy Pata Regular Salo Salo₱2219
Roast Chicken Whole Salo Salo₱2039

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Kuya J Bestselling Items

At Kuya J menu prices, the bestsellers are more than just dishes – they’re culinary experiences that leave a lasting impression. With a blend of traditional flavors and innovative twists, these top picks have won the hearts of diners across the Philippines. These crowd favorites offer a compelling mix of taste.

  • Grilled Scallops
  • Kuya J Roast Chicken Whole
  • Chicken Halang Halang (Salo)
  • Beef Pares (Salo)
  • Chicken BBQ Solo Meal

Contact and Location

Located at SM Jazz Mall, Nicanor Garcia, Makati, Metro Manila, Kuya J welcomes diners to experience its culinary delights in the heart of the Philippines. Situated at 130A-131B, 132B, and 133B, the restaurant offers a convenient and accessible location for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re exploring the bustling city or seeking a familiar spot to enjoy a delicious meal, Its location provides ease and accessibility.

Restaurant NameKuya J in the Philippines
Location130A-131B, 132B, 133B SM Jazz Mall, Nicanor Garcia, Makati, Metro Manila
Categories Available26
Working HoursMonday to Sunday, 10 AM–8 PM
Contact Info+639199132278

Opening Closing Time

Kuya J extends a warm welcome to diners from 10 AM to 8 PM, offering ample time to indulge in its delectable offerings throughout the day. Whether you’re starting your day with a hearty breakfast or winding down with a satisfying dinner, Kuya J’s hours ensure that you can enjoy its flavorful dishes at your convenience.

  • Monday (10 AM–8 PM)
  • Friday (10 AM–8 PM)
  • Tuesday (10 AM–8 PM)
  • Saturday (10 AM–8 PM)
  • Wednesday (10 AM–8 PM)
  • Sunday (10 AM–8 PM)
  • Thursday (10 AM–8 PM)

Overall Conclusion

In conclusion, the Kuya J menu prices a top spot for enjoying delicious Filipino food without breaking the bank. Its focus on quality, taste, and accessibility has made it a favorite dining choice for many in the Philippines. Offering a menu full of diverse flavors, Kuya J welcomes everyone to savor the rich taste of Filipino cuisine. Whether you’re looking for classic dishes or something new, They guarantee a memorable dining experience filled with warmth and flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the maximum and minimum prices at Kuya J menu?

The maximum price at Kuya J is ₱2399, while the minimum price is ₱59.

What are some popular items at Kuya J?

Some popular items include Lechon Belly, Crispy Pata, Kare-Kare, Sinigang na Baboy, and Chicken BBQ Skewers.

Does Kuya J offer vegetarian options?

Yes, They offer a variety of vegetarian options, including vegetable dishes and salads.

Is Kuya J available for catering services?

Yes, They offer catering services for special events and occasions.

Is it possible to make reservations at Kuya J?

Yes, reservations are accepted for groups of all sizes. It’s advisable to call in advance to ensure your table is reserved.

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