Ippudo Menu Prices in Philippines Updated 2024

Japanese food lovers understand that Ippudo is the best place in the Philippines to try Japanese food. Its menu includes authentic ramen, tasty sides, and cool drinks. This introduces the Ippudo menu prices and positions it as the best place to satisfy gastronomic cravings with genuine Japanese delicacies. Overall, it is the go-to place for anyone looking for an excellent meal.

The range of prices of the Ippudo menu ensures that it is both affordable and of high quality. The minimum-priced items begin at just ₱60, while the more luxurious selections run from ₱595 to everything in between. Ippudo is a national favorite because you can taste real Japanese flavors without breaking the bank.

The menu at Ippudo has famous ramen bowls such as Shiromaru Motoaji and Akamaru Shinaji. Additionally, mouthwatering side dishes such as Japanese gyoza and chicken, karaage are served with bowls. Whether you like classics or new flavors, Ippudo promises a delicious meal with every dish.

Ippudo Menu

Ippudo Menu Prices in Philippines

Explore the tempting selection of menu pricing that Ippudo in the Philippines has to offer at their restaurant. Its menu includes delicious ramen bowls, side dishes, and drinks. Enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine at Ippudo now at moderate prices.

Ippudo Signature Sidekicks Menu Prices

Indulge in Ippudo’s signature side dishes, ranging from ₱195 to ₱360. These flavorful accompaniments perfectly complement your ramen experience and include options like edamame, chicken kara-age, and gyoza.

Menu ItemsPrices
Nanban Karaage₱ 360
Fried Chicken Bun₱ 195
Hakata-Style Gyoza₱ 240
Torched Salmon Roll₱ 280
Pork Bun₱ 195
Deep-Fried Gyoza₱ 260

Ooma Menu Prices

Botejyu Menu Prices

Shiromaru Motoaji Menu

Savor the classic Shiromaru Motoaji ramen, priced between ₱430 to ₱585. This iconic dish features Ippudo’s signature tonkatsu broth, springy noodles, and tender slices of pork belly, delivering an authentic taste of Hakata-style ramen.

Menu ItemsPrices
Special₱ 585
Classic₱ 505
Supreme₱ 430

Ippudo Salads Menu

For a lighter option, explore Ippudo’s salad menu, with prices ranging from ₱180 to ₱295. Fresh and vibrant, these salads are crafted with premium ingredients to provide a refreshing contrast to the rich flavors of ramen.

Menu ItemsPrices
Goma-G₱ 180
Ippudo Original Salad₱ 295

Ippudo Karaka Menu Prices

Spice up your meal with Ippudo’s Karaka ramen, priced from ₱450 to ₱595. Infused with fiery spices and bold flavors, this dish offers a satisfying kick for those craving extra heat in their ramen bowl.

Menu ItemsPrices
Classic₱ 450
Torched₱ 595
Special₱ 520

Akamaru Shinaji Menu Prices

Experience the rich umami taste of Ippudo’s Akamaru Shinaji ramen, available for ₱430 to ₱585. With its savory tonkatsu broth and fragrant garlic oil, this indulgent dish promises a truly satisfying dining experience.

Menu ItemsPrices
Classic₱ 505
Special₱ 430
Torched₱ 585

Ippudo Tokusei Tantanmen Menu

Indulge in the luxurious Ippudo Tokusei Tantanmen menu prices for ₱595. This specialty ramen features a creamy sesame broth, minced pork, and a bold blend of spices, creating a harmonious balance of flavors with every slurp.

Menu ItemsPrices
Tokusei Tantanmen₱ 595

Yokohama Shoyu Menu

Explore the flavors of Yokohama Shoyu ramen, priced from ₱450 to ₱595. Made with a savory soy sauce-based broth and topped with tender chashu pork, this dish offers a unique twist on traditional ramen flavors.

Menu ItemsPrices
Torched₱ 595
Classic₱ 450
Special₱ 520

Ippudo Drinks Menu Prices

Quench your thirst with Ippudo’s selection of beverages, ranging from ₱60 to ₱220. From traditional Japanese teas to refreshing sodas, there’s something for everyone to enjoy alongside their meal.

Menu ItemsPrices
Sodas₱ 110
San Mig Pale Pilsen₱ 140
Bottled Water₱ 60
Watermelon Shake₱ 135
Iced Tea₱ 140
Asahi₱ 220
Sapporo₱ 220
Pineapple Shake₱ 135
San Mig Light Beer₱ 160
San Mig Premium₱ 150

Ippudo Desserts Menu

Conclude your meal sweetly with Ippudo’s delectable desserts, priced from ₱180 to ₱280. Indulge in Japanese-inspired treats like matcha cheesecake or black sesame ice cream for a delightful end to your dining experience.

Menu ItemsPrices
Green Tea Ice Cream₱ 180
Lava Cake₱ 280
Matcha Creme Brulee₱ 195
Black Sesame Ice Cream₱ 180

Favorite Items of Ippudo

Discover some of the most popular items on the Ippudo menu, with prices ranging from ₱180 to ₱595. These crowd-pleasers include signature dishes like Fried Chicken Bun, Black Sesame Ice Cream, and Tokusei Tantanmen.

Menu ItemsPrices
Classic₱ 430
Freied Chicken Bun₱ 195
Tokusei Tantanmen₱ 595
Black Sesame Ice Cream₱ 180

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Marugame Udon Menu Prices

Ippudo Bestselling Items

Explore Ippudo’s bestselling items that have captured the hearts of diners across the Philippines. These delectable choices represent the perfect blend of flavors and textures that keep customers coming back for more. Explore the Ippudo menu of popular Japanese dishes at reasonable prices.

  • Deep-Fried Gyoza: ₱260
  • Pork Bun: ₱195
  • Ippudo Original Salad: ₱295
  • Hakata-Style Gyoza: ₱240
  • Tokusei Tantanmen: ₱595

Contact and Location

Ippudo’s location in the Philippines is conveniently situated at 36th St, Taguig, Metro Manila. This prime location makes it easily accessible for diners seeking an authentic Japanese dining experience. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, it offers a convenient and welcoming setting to savor your favorite Japanese cuisine.

RestaurantIppudo in the Philippines
Location36th St, Taguig, Metro Manila
Number of Categories11
Working HoursMonday to Sunday, 11 AM–10 PM
Contact Info+63282413884

Opening and Closing Time

Ippudo operates from 11 AM to 10 PM, providing ample time for diners to enjoy their flavorful Japanese meals throughout the day. With extended hours, you can conveniently satisfy your craving for authentic Japanese cuisine. Whether you want a leisurely lunch, a late dinner, or anything in between.

  • Monday (11 AM–10 PM)
  • Friday (11 AM–10 PM)
  • Tuesday (11 AM–10 PM)
  • Saturday (11 AM–10 PM)
  • Wednesday (11 AM–10 PM)
  • Sunday (11 AM–10 PM)
  • Thursday (11 AM–10 PM)

Overall Conclusion

In summary, Ippudo has established itself as a top spot for Japanese food lovers in the Philippines. Its wide menu, convenient location, and flexible hours make it popular among diners of all types. Whether local or visiting, its commitment to exceptional Japanese cuisine ensures a memorable dining experience every time. The Ippudo menu is a favorite among those with refined prices and tastes in Metro Manila’s food scene.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the maximum and minimum prices on the Ippudo menu in the Philippines?

The maximum price of this menu is ₱595, while the minimum price is ₱60.

What are some popular items on the Ippudo menu?

Some popular items include Deep-Fried Gyoza, Pork Bun, Ippudo Original Salad, Hakata-Style Gyoza, and Tokusei Tantanmen.

Does Ippudo offer vegetarian options?

Yes, It offers vegetarian-friendly options, including salads and select ramen dishes.

Are there any seasonal dishes available at Ippudo?

Yes, This occasionally introduces seasonal dishes to its menu, featuring fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Does Ippudo accept reservations for large groups?

Yes, It accepts reservations for large groups, making it convenient for gatherings and special occasions.

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