Dear Joe Menu Prices in Philippines Updated 2024

Dear Joe, a Philippine culinary gem, attracts foodies with its delicious meal menu and cozy atmosphere. Dear Joe is known for its taste and affordability, making it a popular dining spot. This article gives readers a taste of Dear Joe’s Philippine menu prices and the gastronomic delights they’ll find.

Entering Dear Joe is like entering a world where every mouthful reflects passion and dedication. The chefs behind the scenes make each meal with precision and care, from savory appetizers to decadent desserts. Its menu has something for everyone, from pasta to iced drinks.

Dear Joe is proud to serve families, friends, and lone diners an inclusive dining experience in addition to its delicious food. Dear Joe invites customers to linger and enjoy wonderful cuisine and great conversation with its warm and welcoming ambiance and affordable costs. Join us as we explore Dear Joe’s menu prices and find hidden gems for Filipino eaters.

Dear Joe items menu Prices

Dear Joe Menu Prices in the Philippines

Joe caters to a wide variety of tastes, so you can find something to suit all with their extensive menu. Let’s look at the different categories and the prices they come with.

Appetizers Prices

The first step in your culinary adventure with a meal at Dear Joe is a delight with their appealing selection of food items, ranging from traditional favorites to new dishes, all at affordable costs.

Chicken Fajita₱ 260.00
Truffle Potato Chips₱ 265.00
Carne Asada Quesadilla₱ 315.00
Loaded Potato Chips₱ 315.00
Breakfast Chorizo & Potato₱ 295.00
Baked Spanish Sardines with Kesong Puti₱ 275.00
Spinach & Asparagus Quatro Dip₱ 275.00
Tequila & Lime Shrimp Quesadilla₱ 360.00
Chicharones Con Adobo Quesadilla₱ 295.00

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Joe Salad Menu Prices

For diners who want to eat healthier such as yourself, Dear Joe serves a variety of vibrant and fresh salads at a price to fit your budget, without compromising quality.

Chicken Taco Salad₱ 315.00
Honey Blue Cheese Salad₱ 285.00
Kimchi Lychee Salad₱ 285.00

Price of the Dear Sloppy Joe menu

Take pleasure in the warm and comforting tastes of Dear Joe’s Sloppy Joe dishes and enjoy a large portion at a cost that won’t cost you a fortune.

Roasted Beef Toast₱ 325.00
Creamy Chicken Toast₱ 285.00
Philly Cheesesteak Classic₱ 325.00
Corned Beef Toast₱ 325.00
Italian Sub₱ 325.00
Grilled Cheese Longanisa Sandwich₱ 375.00
Truffle Grilled Cheese₱ 285.00

Entrees Prices

From savory mains to delicious meals made of seafood, Dear Joe’s menus are a perfect combination of tastes at reasonable prices that guarantee a memorable dining experience.

Crispy Pancetta Dijon₱ 480.00
Almond Crusted Fish & Shrimp₱ 360.00
Shrimp Thermidor₱ 445.00
Adbong Moderno₱ 380.00
Korean Fried Chicken₱ 470.00
Corned Beef & Onion Gravy₱ 370.00
Beef Bourguignon₱ 415.00

Price for Joe Pastries

Enjoy a delicious variety of pastries from Dear Joe, where each bite is a testimony to the high-end quality and value.

Chocolate Brioche Bread Pastry₱ 130.00
Chocolate Chip & hazelnut Cookies Pastry₱ 145.00
Almond Pastry₱ 165.00
Coffee Walnut Croissant Pastry₱ 150.00
Chocolate Pastry₱ 160.00
Cheese Pastry₱ 155.00
Vanilla Cronut Pastry₱ 160.00

Dear Joe Morning Menu

Get your day started by enjoying a delicious Breakfast at Dear Joe offering an array of choices that will satisfy every taste and budget.

Beef Tapa₱ 395.00
Smoked Salmon Omelette₱ 340.00
Boneless Bangus₱ 407.00
Smoked Ham Omelette₱ 310.00
Garlic Longganisa₱ 345.00

Joe Pasta Prices

Take a bite of pasta at Dear Joe Where authentic tastes are served at unbeatable prices.

Shrimp & Asparagus Stuffed Cannelloni Pasta₱ 435.00
Carbonara Pasta₱ 340.00
Double Beef Bolognese Pasta₱ 415.00
Beef & Mushroom Cannelloni Pasta₱ 415.00
Garlic Noodles with Cajun Shrimp Pasta₱ 435.00
Creamy Pesto Pasta₱ 335.00
Truffle Penne & Cheese Pasta₱ 415.00

Joe Pizzas Prices

Get your fill of the cheesy delights of Dear Joe’s Pizzas, created with top ingredients and available at competitive costs.

Sausage, Sundried & Pesto Pizza₱ 415.00
Panchetta & Mushrooms Pizza₱ 430.00

Joe Extras Prices

Make your meal more enjoyable with various extras at Dear Joe and priced affordably to enhance the dining experience.

Plain Rice₱ 95.00
Truffle Dip₱ 105.00
Toast Bread₱ 185.00

Joe Cute Cakes Price

Finish your meal on a sweet note with the delicious Dear Joe’s slices of cakes, which are available at a price that guarantees you’ll be able to enjoy them guilt-free.

Chocolate Mousse Cake₱ 275.00
Ube Cheesecake₱ 285.00
Burnt Blueberry Cheesecake₱ 285.00
Chocochip Cookie Dough Cheesecake₱ 345.00
Lemon Blueberry Cake₱ 325.00
Burnt Basque Cheesecake₱ 285.00

Joe Espresso Prices

For those who love coffee, Dear Joe offers a variety of espresso-based drinks at reasonable prices. They are perfect for mid-day energy.

Espresso₱ 165.00

Dear Joe Menu Price for Hot Beverages

Get cozy with a warm coffee on Dear Joe’s menu. the best quality meets affordability in each cup.

Hot Vietnamese Latte₱ 240.00
Hot Americano₱ 190.00
Hot Hazelnut Latte₱ 230.00
Hot Mocha₱ 215.00
Hot Matcha Latte₱ 225.00
Hot White Mocha₱ 225.00
Hot Latte₱ 200.00
Hot Cappuccino₱ 200.00
Hot Chocolate₱ 205.00
Hot Tea₱ 185.00

Joe Prices for Iced Drinks

Beat the heat with the refreshing selection of iced drinks priced at a reasonable price to ensure your pleasure.

Iced Hazelnut Latte₱ 245.00
Iced White Mocha₱ 240.00
Iced Matcha Latte₱ 240.00
Iced Mocha₱ 230.00
Iced Latte₱ 215.00
Iced Americano₱ 205.00
Iced Chocolate₱ 220.00

Cold Brew series Prices

Explore the smoky and nutty tastes of Dear Joe’s cold-brew series, with costs that make it simple to enjoy your preferred caffeine-based beverage.

Mint Cold Brew₱ 230.00
White Cold Brew₱ 230.00
Black Cold Brew₱ 230.00

Dear Joe Iced Blended, Coffee-Based Menu

Enjoy a delicious and delicious dessert with Dear Joe’s Iced blended coffee drinks priced at a reasonable price to ensure your pleasure.

Hazelnut Frappe₱ 240.00
White Chocolate Mocha₱ 240.00
Caramel Coffee Frappe₱ 240.00
Mint Mocha Frappe₱ 250.00

Iced Shaken Beverages Prices

Drink up your thirst by sipping on Dear Joe’s refreshing shaken drinks iced with ice, available at a cost that will ensure that you will be able to enjoy them at any time of the day.

Floral Raspberry Kiwi Tea₱ 235.00
Rose Strawberry Jasmine Tea₱ 245.00
Peach Lemon Yuzu Tea₱ 245.00

Artisan Tea Prices

For those who enjoy tea, Dear Joe presents a hand-picked selection of artisan teas priced at a price that makes it simple to try new blends and flavors.

HB Relaxing Infusion₱ 255.00
HB Chamomile₱ 255.00
HB Carnaval Tea₱ 255.00
HB Silk Tea₱ 255.00

Dear Joe One Fruit Smoothies Menu Prices

Refresh and revive yourself by drinking Dear Joe’s smoothies made of one fruit which are priced to provide unbeatable value for their freshness and taste.

Dragon Fruit + Strawberry + Cucumber₱ 230.00
Strawberry + Almond₱ 230.00
Pineapple Orange + Cucumber₱ 210.00
Watermelon + Melon + Cucumber₱ 210.00
Pineapple + Orange + Cucumber₱ 210.00
Orange + Pineapple + Kiwi + Peach₱ 230.00

One Fruit Shakes Prices

Enjoy the delicious creamy flavor of Dear Joe’s shake with one fruit priced affordably to ensure your pleasure.

Premium + Regular Fruit Shake₱ 210.00
Dragon Fruit Shake₱ 210.00
Mango Fruit Shake₱ 190.00
Watermelon Fruit Shake₱ 190.00
Pineapple Fruit Shake₱ 190.00
Melon Fruit Shake₱ 190.00

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Best Selling Items of Dear Joe Philippines

Apart from their standard menu, Dear Joe also features products that are popular and loved by patrons from all over the Philippines.

  • HB Chamomile: ₱ 255.00
  • White Cold Brew: ₱ 230.00
  • Panchetta & Mushrooms: Pizza ₱ 430.00
  • Boneless Bangus: ₱ 407.00
  • Carne Asada Quesadilla: ₱ 315.00

Contact and location

Inconvenient locations in cities throughout the Philippines, Dear Joe provides easy access to their delicious dishes. Reservations or inquiries the contact details are available via their site.

Here’s the information presented in a table format:

LocationGround Level, Vista Mall, Santa Rosa – Tagaytay Rd, Don Jose, Santa Rosa, Laguna
Delivery Hotline+639088155458
Opening And Closing HoursSunday To Saturday, 7 AM–10 PM
Number Of Categories19

Time for Closing and Opening

Dear Joe is open to diners all week With opening and closing times that are designed to accommodate different timetables and preferences.

  • Monday (7 AM–10 PM)
  • Friday (7 AM–10 PM)
  • Tuesday (7 AM–10 PM)
  • Saturday (7 AM–10 PM)
  • Wednesday (7 AM–10 PM)
  • Sunday (7 AM–10 PM)
  • Thursday (7 AM–10 PM)

Overall Conclusion

Dear Joe is continuing to stand out on the food scene thanks to its dedication to affordability, quality, and creativity. With a menu that is extensive and offers delicious dishes priced at a reasonable price, there’s no reason to wonder why Dear Joe remains a top choice for Filipinos who want a pleasant dining experience.

In the end, whether you’re in the mood for an energizing meal, a refreshing drink, or a sweet treat. Dear Joe delivers on every level, guaranteeing an unforgettable dining experience that doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the prices of Dear Joe inclusive of taxes?

All prices displayed on the menu of Dear Joe include taxes to ensure transparency and comfort for diners.

Do you know if Dear Joe offers delivery services?

Sure, Dear Joe provides delivery services to customers who want to dine in the at-home comforts of their homes. Contact the nearest branch for more details on delivery options.

Are there any promotions or discounts for customers at Dear Joe?

Dear Joe occasionally offers discounts and promotions to keep loyal customers. Keep up-to-date through their social channels, or by signing up for their newsletter.

Do I have the ability to make reservations with Dear Joe?

Dear Joe is indeed able to accommodate reservation requests for large and small groups. Call your branch of choice to reserve a table and to ensure a smooth dining experience.

Does Dear Joe accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences?

Yes, Dear Joe offers menus that cater to a variety of food preferences. And dietary restrictions, including gluten-free and vegetarian choices. Tell your waiter of specific dietary restrictions and they’ll be delighted to assist you in choosing a suitable meal.

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