Blakes Menu Prices in Philippines 2024 Updated

Blakes Menu Prices in the Philippines sets the tone for a delightful gastronomic adventure that combines international flavors with local character. Located among the Philippines’ dynamic food scene, it attracts guests with its broad cuisine and welcoming environment. As a foodie haven, it provides an unmatched dining experience that mixes affordability with culinary genius.

A variety of selections to fit every taste and budget can be found at Blakes Menu Prices Restaurant in the Philippines. Prices range from ₱40 to ₱5790, catering to both casual eaters and requesting food lovers. Whether you want a quick snack or a big meal, they make dining out a simple and enjoyable experience for everyone.

The menu of Blakes Restaurant is a culinary wonder, with an inviting selection of foods prepared with love and accuracy. From delicious pasta dishes to luscious ribs, every item on the menu shows Blake’s attention to culinary excellence. It impresses customers with every bite, using local goods that are fresh and creative flavors to leave a lasting impression on even the most sensitive palates.

Blakes Menu

Blakes Menu Prices in Philippines

Blakes in the Philippines offers a wide choice of food favorites. Enjoy yourself in a variety of meals designed to excite your taste buds. They guarantee a wonderful dining experience that embodies the spirit of Filipino food, including savory pleasures and sweet desserts. Blakes offers a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.

Filling Favorites Menu Prices

Indulge in Blakes Filling Favorites with prices ranging from ₱315 to ₱485. Whether you’re craving hearty comfort food or flavorful classics, this menu covers you.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Baked Salmon₱485
Buttermilk Fried Chicken₱365
Salisbury Steak₱315
Crispy Fish Fillet in Cornflakes₱365
Grilled Salmon Steak₱465
Beef Salpicao₱365

Yoshinoya Menu Prices

Conti’s Menu Prices 

Pasta Paradise Menu Prices

Satisfy your pasta cravings with Blake Pasta Paradise Menu, where prices range from ₱345 to ₱395. From creamy Alfredo to zesty marinara, there’s a pasta dish to tantalize your taste buds.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Spaghetti with Dried Tuyo in Olive Oil₱365
Classic Beef Spaghetti₱345
Bird’s Eye Carbonara₱365
Truffle Mac & Cheese₱365
Shrimp Scampi₱395
Truffle Cream Pasta₱395
Penne Garlic Pesto w/ Grilled Chicken Breast₱345
Spicy Salmon with Basil Pasta₱385

Blakes Ribs Menu Prices

Sink your teeth into succulent ribs from Blake Ribs Menu, priced between ₱695 to ₱1275. Each bite is a symphony of flavor, slow-cooked to perfection.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
½ kg Classic Baby Back Ribs₱695
1kg Classic Baby Back Ribs₱1275
½ kg Blake’s Signature Pork Ribs₱695
1kg Blake’s Signature Pork Ribs₱1275

Blakes Mine, All Mine Menu

Explore Blakes Mine, All Mine items with prices ranging from ₱345 to ₱435. These dishes are exclusively yours to enjoy from indulgent burgers to crispy fried chicken.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Chicken Tenders Solo₱345
Chicken Wings Solo₱385
Signature Pork Ribs Solo₱435

Sandwich Menu Prices

Grab a bite of Blakes Sandwich, where prices range from ₱295 to ₱345. Freshly baked bread filled with premium ingredients ensures a satisfying meal.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Classic Chicken Fillet Burger₱295
Shrimp Po Boy₱335
Buffalo Chicken Fillet Burger₱325
Blake’s Bacon Cheeseburger₱345
Truffle Honey Grilled Cheese w/ Tomato Soup₱345

Blakes Soups Menu

Warm up with a bowl of soup from Blake Soups Menu, priced between ₱195 to ₱225. Made with fresh ingredients and simmered to perfection, each spoonful is comforting.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
French Onion Soup₱215
Shrimp Bisque₱195
Clam Chowder₱225
Cream of Salmon with Dill₱225

Set Meals & Platter Menu Prices

Experience the indulgence of Blakes Set Meals & Platter, with prices ranging from ₱1945 to ₱5790. Perfect for sharing or savoring solo, these generous portions are a feast for the senses.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Wings Set Meal for 5₱1945
Blake’s All-In Platter₱2095
Wings Set Meal for 10₱4800
Ribs Set Meal for 10₱5790
Ribs Set Meal for 5₱2480

Blakes Salads Menu

Refresh your palate with salads from Blakes Salads Menu, priced between ₱315 to ₱375. Crisp greens, vibrant vegetables, and flavorful dressings make for a wholesome dining experience.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Grilled Steak Salad with Asian Dressing₱375
Garden Salad₱315
Kani Mango Salad₱315
Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast₱345

Hearty a la carte Menu

Enjoy hearty dishes from Blake Hearty a la carte Menu, priced between ₱385 to ₱425. From steaks to seafood, each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Buttermilk Calamari₱395
Spicy Garlic Shrimp₱425
Beef Salpicao₱395
Beer-Battered Fish & Chips₱385
Baby Squid in Olive Oil₱395

Blakes Steaks Menu Prices

Savor the finest cuts of meat from Blakes Steaks, with prices ranging from ₱365 to ₱425. Grilled to perfection, these steaks are a carnivore’s delight.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
T-Bone Steak₱365
Flat Iron Steak₱425
Porterhouse Steak₱385

Wicked Wings Menu Prices

Treat yourself to Blakes Wicked Wings Menu, priced at ₱395. Crispy, flavorful, and downright addictive, these wings are perfect for snacking.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Korean Snowing Cheese₱395
Lemon Pepper₱395
Honey Garlic₱395
Garlic Parmesan₱395
Truffle Parmesan₱395
Buffalo Extra-Hot₱395
Sweet & Spicy₱395
Spicy Honey₱395
Honey Chipotle₱395

Blakes Starters Menu

Kickstart your meal with appetizers from Blakes Starters, with prices ranging from ₱245 to ₱395. From loaded nachos to crispy calamari, these starters are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Mozzarella Sticks₱245
Loaded Pulled Pork Wedges₱395
Sriracha Calamari Bites₱295
Blake’s Nachos₱365
Shrimp Popcorn₱395
On-and-On Strings₱265
Truffle Chips & Dip₱295

Side by Sides Menu

Complement your meal with sides from Blake Side by Sides, priced between ₱45 to ₱115. From fries to coleslaw, these sides add an extra layer of flavor to your dining experience.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Mashed Potatoes₱75
Java Rice₱55
Buttered Corn₱75
Steamed Rice₱45
Truffled Corn₱115
Butter Garlic Rice₱55
Potato Wedges₱75

Desserts Menu Prices

Indulge your sweet tooth with desserts from the Blakes Desserts, with prices ranging from ₱138 to ₱265. From decadent cakes to creamy gelato, there’s a treat for every dessert lover.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie₱138
Carrot Cake₱195
Bro-vel ala Mode₱215
New York Cheesecake₱185
Strawberry Bro-vel ala Mode₱235
Molten Lava Cake₱265
Tablea Cake₱195
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake₱195
Blueberry Cheesecake₱195

Blakes Drinks Menu Prices

Quench your thirst with beverages from Blakes Drinks, with prices ranging from ₱40 to ₱135. From refreshing sodas to handcrafted cocktails, there’s a drink for every occasion.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Coke (Regular)₱65
Pineapple (Sweetened)₱60
Hot Milk₱85
Houseblend Iced Tea₱75
Hot Chocolate₱135
Iced Milk₱85
Brewed Coffee₱85
Pineapple (Unsweetened)₱60
Coke Zero₱65
Blake’s Lemongrass Iced Tea₱85
Pineapple Orange₱60
Iced Chocolate₱135
Fresh Lemonade₱95
Sprite (Regular)₱65
Bottled Water₱40
Hot Tea (Twinings)₱115
Coke Light₱65
Hot Calamansi₱65

Landers Central Menu Prices

Burger King Menu Prices

Blakes Bestselling Items

Blake’s bestselling items represent the pinnacle of culinary satisfaction. Each dish embodies the perfect balance of flavor, texture, and presentation, captivating diners with every bite. From savory classics to innovative creations, these bestselling items showcase the culinary prowess of Blakes’ kitchen. With a blend of creativity and expertise, Blakes continues to delight patrons with its lineup of top-rated dishes.

  • Chicken Wings Solo: ₱385
  • Blake’s All-In Platter: ₱2095
  • Crispy Fish Fillet in Cornflakes: ₱365
  • T-Bone Steak: ₱365
  • BBQ: ₱395

Contact and Location

Blakes can be found at 170 Salcedo, Legazpi Village, Makati, Kalakhang Maynila, nestled within the vibrant pulse of the city. This prime spot offers both convenience and accessibility, making it a go-to destination for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re strolling through Makati’s bustling streets or seeking a culinary adventure, Blakes’ strategic location ensures you’re never far from exceptional dining experiences.

Restaurant NameBlakes in the Philippines
Location170 Salcedo, Legazpi Village, Makati, Kalakhang Maynila
Categories Available12
Working HoursMonday to Sunday, 10 AM–11 PM
Contact Info+639171567441

Opening Closing Time

Blakes beckons guests from 10 AM to 11 PM, offering a wide window of opportunity to indulge in its culinary delights. Whether you’re craving a leisurely brunch, a midday pick-me-up, or an evening feast, Blakes’ flexible hours cater to your dining preferences. With its doors open from morning until night, Blakes ensures that every moment is an opportunity to savor the flavors of its delectable menu.

  • Monday (10 AM–11 PM)
  • Friday (10 AM–11 PM)
  • Tuesday (10 AM–11 PM)
  • Saturday (10 AM–11 PM)
  • Wednesday (10 AM–11 PM)
  • Sunday (10 AM–11 PM)
  • Thursday (10 AM–11 PM)

Overall Conclusion

Blakes Menu Prices in the Philippines crafts an unforgettable culinary journey, blending flavors and affordability seamlessly. It’s where every meal becomes a cherished memory. Situated at a prime location in Makati, it beckons diners to indulge in gastronomic delights from morning to night, promising an experience that delights the senses, warms the soul, and leaves a lasting impression.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the maximum and minimum prices on Blakes?

Blakes menu offers a range of prices, with options to suit various budgets. The maximum price for certain dishes is ₱5790, while the minimum price starts at just ₱40.

What are some of the most popular items on Blake’s menu?

Some of the crowd favorites at Blakes include succulent ribs, gourmet burgers, and mouthwatering pasta dishes, all crafted to perfection and guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

How does Blakes accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences?

They offer a diverse menu with options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, and other dietary restrictions, ensuring everyone can enjoy a satisfying meal.

Does Blakes offer any special promotions or discounts for regular customers?

Yes, they frequently offer special promotions and exclusive discounts for loyal customers, enhancing their dining experience with exciting deals.

Can guests make reservations in advance, and are walk-ins welcome at Blakes?

Guests are encouraged to make reservations in advance for guaranteed seating, but walk-ins are also welcome at Blakes, ensuring flexibility for all diners.

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