Amici Menu Prices in Philippines 2024 Updated

Amici welcomes pasta lovers, pizza lovers, and gelato enthusiasts to discover its broad cuisine full of original flavors. It has something for everyone, whether you want spaghetti, pizza, or gelato. The pleasant atmosphere and reasonable prices of the Amici menu make dining there an experience to remember.

To fit every budget, Amici has a menu with a range of prices. There is an aspect wonderful for everyone to enjoy, from fancy meals to cheap ones. With prices running from ₱1518 to ₱149, Amici is both a delicious and affordable place to eat.

A journey through food is what Amici’s menu offers. Enjoy a standard margarita pizza, a bowl of creamy truffle pasta, or a dish of savory chicken parmigiana. To provide a great meal, each dish is carefully prepared using the best ingredients. Amici offers mouthwatering flavors that will satisfy foodies and easy diners alike.

Amici Menu

Amici Menu Prices in the Philippines

Explore the delicious flavors at Amici, where the menu is full of tasty choices. From rich pasta to tasty pizzas, each meal is masterfully prepared to suit your cravings. Everyone can find something they want at affordable prices. At Amici, you can taste food without leaving the Philippines.

Amici Personale Speciale Menu Prices

If you’re craving a special treat, indulge in Amici’s Personale Speciale offerings, ranging from ₱523 to ₱665. These dishes are crafted with premium ingredients and unique flavors, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Speciale Tuscany₱ 523
Speciale Grande Italia₱ 665
Speciale Naples₱ 523
Speciale₱ 523

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Appetizers Menu

Start your meal with one of Amici’s appetizers, priced between ₱207 and ₱627. From classic bruschetta to crispy calamari, these appetizers are perfect for sharing or enjoying as a solo appetizer.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Chicken Tenders₱ 341
Calamari Fritti₱ 440
Italian Chips₱ 207
Mozzarella Fritto₱ 341
Trio Platter₱ 627
Spinach Artichoke₱ 440

Amici House Favorites Menu Prices

Explore Amici’s house favorites, priced from ₱303 to ₱1518. These signature dishes showcase the best of cuisine, from hearty lasagnas to flavorful risottos, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Pollo Arrostito₱ 303
Chicken Parmigiana₱ 408
Baked Crusted Salmon₱ 644
Pollo Arrostito (Gruppo)₱ 1518
Pollo Arrostito (Whole)₱ 792
Pollo Arrostito (Half)₱ 418

Flatbread Pizza and Pizza Roll Menu

Indulge in Amici’s delicious flatbread pizzas and pizza rolls, priced from ₱440 to ₱457. Made with fresh ingredients and baked to perfection, these pizzas are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Bacon & Caramelized Onion Flatbread Pizza₱ 440
Shrimp & Pesto Flatbread Pizza₱ 457

Amici Personale Meals Menu Prices

For a quick and satisfying meal, try one of Amici’s Personale Meals, priced between ₱407 and ₱506. These meals are perfect for lunch or dinner on the go, offering a variety of options to suit your taste preferences.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Rome₱ 407
Naples₱ 407
Grande Italia₱ 506
Tuscany₱ 407

Salads and Soups Menu

If you’re looking for something lighter, opt for one of Amici’s salads or soups, priced from ₱149 to ₱649. Made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, these dishes are both nutritious and delicious.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Creamy Tomato Soup (Bowl)₱ 226
Squash Bisque (Bowl)₱ 226
Caesar Salad (Regular)₱ 286
Mushroom Truffle Soup (Cup)₱ 196
Creamy Tomato Soup (Cup)₱ 149
Squash Bisque (Cup)₱ 149
Asian Chicken Salad (Regular)₱ 299
Mediterranean Blue Cheese & Walnut Salad₱ 347
Caesar Salad (Grande)₱ 539
Mushroom Truffle Soup (Bowl)₱ 303
Asian Chicken Salad (Grande)₱ 567
Mediterranean Blue Cheese & Walnut Salad₱ 649

Amici Pasta Menu

No meal is complete without pasta, and Amici offers a wide selection of pasta dishes, priced from ₱253 to ₱490. From classic spaghetti to creamy carbonara, there’s a pasta dish for every palate.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Garlic Italian Sardine Spaghetti₱ 352
Spaghetti Al Pomodoro₱ 253
Lasagne Al Ragu₱ 418
Seafood Diablo₱ 473
Spaghetti Bolognese₱ 438
Spinach Cannelloni₱ 440
Spaghetti Aglio Olio E Pepperoncino₱ 253
Spaghetti Ai Tesori Del Mare₱ 490
Creamy Truffle Pasta₱ 473
Linguine Al Prosciutto E Tartufo₱ 435
Spaghetti White Vongole E Gamberetti₱ 462
Creamy Pesto & Prosciutto₱ 451
Sausage Pesto Pasta₱ 435
Spaghetti Alla Carbonara₱ 374

Amici Pizza Menu Prices

Finally, don’t forget to try one of Amici’s mouthwatering pizzas, priced between ₱385 and ₱616. With a variety of toppings and crust options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pizza to satisfy your cravings.

Menu ItemsPrices (₱)
Balsamic Chicken & Bacon (White Pizza)₱ 605
Chicken Pesto Pizza₱ 446
Margherita₱ 385
Tutta Carne₱ 500
Frutti Di Mare₱ 616
Pepperoni & Three Cheese Pizza₱ 528
Spinach Artichoke Pizza₱ 517
Supremo₱ 561
Prosciutto E Funghi₱ 495
Ham & Two Cheese Pizza₱ 405
Al Quattro Formaggi₱ 506
Spicy Buffalo Chicken₱ 545
Carne Fuego₱ 600

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Amici Bestselling Items

Experience Amici’s top choices, meticulously prepared to delight discerning tastes and create lasting memories. From timeless favorites to innovative creations, each dish showcases culinary excellence. With a focus on quality and flavor, its top picks promise an unforgettable dining experience for every guest. Discover why its dishes are beloved by all who dine with us.

  • Creamy Truffle Pasta: ₱ 473
  • Spaghetti Alla Carbonara: ₱ 374
  • Margherita: ₱ 385
  • Chicken Parmigiana: ₱ 408
  • Chicken Pesto Pizza: ₱ 446

Contact and Location

Find it at Quezon City, Diliman, Commonwealth Ave, Unit 109, U.P. Ayalaland Technohub, 1101 Metro Manila. Positioned centrally in the Philippines, the restaurant is easily accessible to everyone. Enjoy its delicious dishes conveniently in the heart of Quezon City.

RestaurantAmici in the Philippines
LocationUnit 109, U.P. Ayalaland Technohub, Commonwealth Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila
Number of Categories8
Working HoursMonday to Sunday, 9 AM–9 PM
Contact Info+63287090999

Opening and Closing Time

At Amici, it is open from 9 AM to 9 PM, providing plenty of time for you to enjoy delicious offerings. Whether you’re starting your day with a hearty breakfast or winding down with a cozy dinner, its extended hours cater to your schedule. Join it throughout the day to experience the flavors of Amici.

  • Monday (9 AM–9 PM)
  • Friday (9 AM–9 PM)
  • Tuesday (9 AM–9 PM)
  • Saturday (9 AM–9 PM)
  • Wednesday (9 AM–9 PM)
  • Sunday (9 AM–9 PM)
  • Thursday (9 AM–9 PM)

Overall Conclusion

In summary, Amici offers a delightful dining experience with its variety of authentic menu dishes at reasonable prices. Whether you’re in the mood for pasta, pizza, or gelato, there’s something to satisfy your cravings. With its convenient location, extended hours, and dedication to quality, it is the ideal spot for any mealtime. Whether dining in, getting takeout, or celebrating, Amici ensures a memorable culinary experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the maximum and minimum prices on the Amici menu?

The maximum price for a dish at Amici is ₱1518, while the minimum is ₱149.

Which items are the most popular at Amici?

Some of its bestselling items include Creamy Truffle Pasta, Spaghetti Alla Carbonara, Margherita Pizza, Chicken Parmigiana, and Chicken Pesto Pizza.

Do you offer any vegetarian options?

Yes, This has a variety of vegetarian dishes available, including Margherita Pizza, Caprese Salad, and Vegetable Pasta.

Are reservations required, or can I walk in?

While reservations are recommended, we also welcome walk-in guests depending on availability.

Does Amici accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies?

Yes, It strives to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies. Please inform it staff of any special dietary needs when placing your order.

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