Aling Banang Menu Prices in Philippines Updated 2024

You are looking for a culinary adventure that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more? Just head to Aling Banang! Aling Banang, located in the center of the Philippines, offers a diverse menu that highlights Filipino cuisine. experiencing restaurants is similar to experiencing the Philippines through food, whether you are a resident or a tourist.

That dish tells the story of tradition, culture, and passion. The sizzling of the grill and the aroma of the spices transform Aling Banang into a sensory experience. With a commitment to using only the freshest ingredients and time-honored recipes passed down through generations, Aling Banang ensures that each dish served is a testament to Filipino culinary excellence.

Aling Banang is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place for friends and family to celebrate life’s simple pleasures. Its warmth and kindness will leave an impression, whether you’re eating a fantastic meal with family or telling stories over a steaming bowl of noodles. Join us as we explore Aling Banang’s appeal and why it is so popular in the Philippines.

Aling Banang Menu Prices

Aling Banang Menu Prices in Philippines 2024

It continues to delight appetites with its numerous menu options, each carefully created and bursting with tastes unique to Filipino cuisine. Aling Banang offers everything for everyone, from hefty combo meals to delectable noodles and party platters.

Combo Meal Menu and Prices

Aling Banang’s combo meals are ideal for people who want to try a variety of cuisines in one order. Whether you crave delicious meats, fresh seafood, or a combination of the two, Aling Banang’s combo meals provide large amounts at reasonable pricing.

Combo A₱ 130.00
Combo B₱ 130.00
Combo C₱ 130.00
Combo D₱ 150.00
Combo E₱ 150.00

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Aling Banang Manila’s Ala Cart Prices

The Aling Banang ala carte menu offers a diverse range of Filipino favorites for people who enjoy mixing and matching their meals. From traditional adobo to sinigang, each dish is made using high-quality ingredients and delivered perfectly.

Chopsuey₱ 70.00
Tilapia₱ 80.00
Lechon Paksiw₱ 90.00
Shanghai₱ 70.00
Sweet and Sour₱ 80.00
Lechon Kawali₱ 80.00
Sizzling Tofu₱ 70.00
Pork Sisig₱ 90.00
Fried Chicken₱ 80.00
Chicken Sisig₱ 80.00
Tokwat Baboy₱ 80.00

Aling Pinoy Favorites

Embark on a culinary adventure through the Philippines with Aling Banang’s selection of Filipino classics. From crispy pata to kare-kare, these renowned meals will satisfy your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Tocilog₱ 85.00
Tapsilog₱ 90.00
Lechonsilog₱ 95.00
Bacon Ham Silog₱ 85.00
Bangsilog₱ 85.00
Hungariansilog₱ 85.00
Chixilog₱ 90.00
Sisigsilog₱ 95.00
Shanghaisilog₱ 85.00
Cornbeefsilog₱ 85.00
Porksilog₱ 90.00

Aling Banang Best Seller Noodles Menu Prices

Craving noodles? Look no further than Aling Banang’s most popular noodle meals. From spicy pancit canton to cozy batchoy, these noodle meals are full of flavor and ideal for filling your stomach.

Mikibihon₱ 80.00
Canton Bihoni₱ 80.00
Bihon₱ 80.00
Creamy Malabon₱ 80.00
Spaghetti₱ 80.00
Canton₱ 80.00
Palabok₱ 80.00

Aling Banang Congee Prices

Start your day off right with a warm bowl of congee from Aling Banang. Aling Banang’s congee is a comfortable and hearty breakfast alternative, whether eaten plain or with your favorite meats and toppings.

Fried Rice₱ 20.00
Tokiwa₱ 20.00
Egg₱ 12.00
Lugaw₱ 30.00
Softdrinks₱ 20.00
Rice₱ 15.00
Lugaw Egg₱ 40.00
Lugaw Con Lechon₱ 60.00

Aling Banang’s Family Bundle Menu Prices

Are you planning a family gathering or a feast with your friends? Aling Banang’s family packages are the ideal answer. With so many options to select from, feeding a crowd has never been simpler or more tasty.

Bundle A₱ 350.00
Bundle B₱ 350.00
Bundle C₱ 350.00

Aling Banang Party Prices

Aling Banang offers a party package menu to help you celebrate special occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or holiday celebration, Aling Banang provides hassle-free catering options that will impress your guests.

Shanghai₱ 550.00
Sweet and Sour Fish₱ 550.00
Pork Sisig₱ 550.00
Chicken Sisig₱ 550.00
Chopsuey₱ 550.00
Tokwat Baboy₱ 550.00
Lechon Kawali₱ 550.00
Lechon Paksiw₱ 550.00
Sizzling Tofu₱ 550.00

Aling Banang Food Trays Menu Prices

Hosting a potluck or workplace lunch? Aling Banang’s meal trays are great for serving a large audience. With so many meals to pick from, you can mix & match to make the ideal feast for any occasion.

Chicken Sisig₱ 800.00
Lechon Paksiw₱ 800.00
Chopsuey₱ 800.00
Lechon Kawali₱ 800.00
Sweet and Sour Fish₱ 800.00
Tokwat Baboy₱ 800.00
Sizzling Tofu₱ 800.00
Pork Sisig₱ 800.00
Shanghai₱ 800.00

Manila Pansit Bilao Special

Experience a Filipino favorite with Aling Banang’s Manila pandit bilao specialty. Whether you’re throwing a party or simply want a taste of home, these pansit bilao specialties are sure to satisfy you.

5-7 Person₱ 550.00
8-10 Persons₱ 750.00
12 Persons₱ 850.00
15 Persons₱ 1000.00
20-25 Persons₱ 1150.00
30-35 Persons₱ 1350.00
40 Persons₱ 1500.00

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Hot Selling Items in Aling Banang, Philippines

Are you curious about what is popular in Aling Banang? Look no further than their best-selling goods! From crowd favorites to seasonal specials, these foods are a must-try during your next visit.

  • Sinigang sa Sampaloc: ₱ 180.00
  • Adobo Flakes: ₱ 160.00
  • Kare-Kare: ₱ 200.00
  • Pancit Malabon: ₱ 180.00

Location and Contact

Aling Banangs are conveniently distributed throughout the Philippines, making it simple to discover one near you. For queries or reservations, please contact their friendly staff by phone or email.

LocationFormer U Cruz, Makati BLISS 1, Building 6, 1198 Pablo Ocampo Sr. Ext, Makati, 1205 Metro Manila
Delivery Hotline+639165623120
Opening and Closing HoursSaturday to Friday, 10 AM–9 PM
Sunday: Closed
Number of Categories9

Opening and Closing Times

Aling Banang welcomes guests from morning to night, allowing you to enjoy their wonderful delicacies at your leisure. Check the opening and closing times to plan your visit accordingly.

  • Monday (10 AM–9 PM)
  • Friday (10 AM–9 PM)
  • Tuesday (10 AM–9 PM)
  • Saturday (10 AM–9 PM)
  • Wednesday (10 AM–9 PM)
  • Sunday (Closed)
  • Thursday (10 AM–9 PM)

Overall Conclusion

In conclusion, Aling Banang symbolizes authentic Filipino cuisine and offers an excellent eating experience. Aling Banang is revered by Filipinos all around the country for preserving historical customs and showcasing the country’s distinct flavors. Whether you’re looking for comfort food or trying something new, Aling Banang welcomes you on a culinary adventure that is both traditional and distinctive.

So, why delay? Aling Banang serves delicious Filipino menu cuisine. Whether you’re a foodie or simply longing for a home, Aling Banang will satisfy your appetites with each meal. Visit Aling Banang now to experience its warmth, hospitality, and exceptional flavors—a culinary adventure you won’t forget!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Aling Banang a chain restaurant?

Yes, Aling Banang has several locations throughout the Philippines, making it a popular choice among Filipino food connoisseurs.

Are there any vegetarian alternatives available in Aling Banang?

Yes, Aling Banang serves a variety of vegetarian cuisine menu to suit different dietary choices.

Can I order Aling Banang for delivery?

Yes, Aling Banang provides delivery services for those who like to eat in the comfort of their own home.

Is Aling Banang a caterer for events?

Yes, Aling Banang offers catering services for a variety of events, ranging from small gatherings to major celebrations.

Are the prices at Aling Banang affordable?

Yes, Aling Banang takes pleasure in providing excellent and reasonable meals that are accessible to all.

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